Clear Signs He Is Only After One Thing From You

If you are unsure if he is in for the long road or just after you for pleasure, pay attention to what he says and does and that will be a clear indication if he is just using you for one thing.

1. Every conversation you have ends up by talking about the bedroom

If all he can talk about with you is sex then that is all he wants from you. For some this can be a very uncomfortable situation, for others they are on the same page and that’s fine.

If you’re not happy about this tell him and never agree to what he wants thinking it will keep him as it won’t.

2. He compliments your looks

There’s being complimentary, which is nice to be told you look amazing and then there’s being complimentary in the wrong way, talking about how he finds you hot and tempting and jumping all over you.

There’s a person under the looks too, and if he doesn’t notice ‘you’ then its pretty clear what he is after.

3. He sends you provocative photos and texts –

One of the most obvious signs! You wake up to a text from him with a picture of his appendage or his full birthday suit, that’s one huge red flag.

Looks like a f*ckboy is in play rather than a ‘man’.

4. He stays at home instead of going out 

You stay home more than going out. Have you ever been out on dates?

The so-called let’s have a nice night in, is really code for I want some, and I’m not wasting money taking you out first.

5. He gets mad if you refuse him 

He gets all sulky and throws his toys out the pram if you don’t give him what he wants, these guys are pathetic and right cry-babies.

You should never be made to feel you have to have give it up just to keep him happy because if you do, you’ll just end up feeling like a piece of sh*t afterwards.

6. Kiss – hug – BED 

You’re exhausted from a long week at work, you just want to cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie, he arrives and from the moment he is there all he wants is to go to bed and he doesn’t care that you are tired.

When you tell him love isn’t on the agenda, he suddenly makes excuses to leave and you later hear he went out with the boys, after saying to you he was going home as he felt sick!

7. He wants to get right to it

He just wants what can satisfy himself, he has no time to make it a perfect time for you both.

In fact, his idea of pre-fun is a little bit of cuddling a few kisses and bed, jeez do you really want to be stuck with a guy like that, you are most certainly worth so much more.

8. He never spends a night with you 

So, you’ve done the deed and he suddenly gets up to leave saying he has to be up early!

Big red flag he was only seeing you, for one thing, he hardly ever stays the night and once the deed is done, he can’t wait to get out of there.

That’s not a relationship honey that’s a booty call.

These are the most common signs, you may be attracted by his looks, but he will never be around for the long haul. He needs to grow up and judging by his behavior he has a long way to go before he is a ‘man’.