Clear Indicators That You’ve Met Someone From A Past Life

Have you ever felt an instant connection or even instant anger toward a person as soon as you met them? Do you get the feeling like you’ve known them for years, but you can’t figure out how? What if you feel this way because in some past life you actually had a connection with that person. As absurd as it may sound to you, it actually happens. Our physical body or appearance might not be the same but our souls know how to make a connection with people who had been part of our lives in the past. If you don’t believe me, here are the signs that show you have met someone that you knew in a past life.

Déjà vu:

Sometimes we meet strangers that we feel like we met before in the same scenario, the déjà vu that lingers! The thing is, it’s because you actually have met with that person in your past life and your soul instantly feels that connection that you were ignoring.

Instant Negative Vibes:

It is no rarity that there are times we meet someone that we feel uncomfortable with instantly, without knowing them as a person. The negativity that you feel is because that person impacted your life in a past life. You don’t remember it, but your soul remembers all. Go with your heart, stay away from such people because it is highly likely that you will end up being mistreated again.

Signs of Telepathy:

Do you ever feel that unintentionally you complete sentences of people you’ve recently met or that you are able to guess their moves, and assess their behaviors? Well, this telepathic bond is no coincidence. You have this connection from a previous life that you had. You might not have the memory of knowing them but you’ve met them before.

Intense Attraction:

Sometimes we meet people that we become attracted to without knowing them, this could be because we met them in past lives too. You could’ve had a passionate relationship with them, but it did not last or for reasons unknown it remained incomplete. Destiny gives you another chance at it in a new life.

The Clear Positive Vibes:

Often your heart flutters when you meet a complete stranger, you feel a strange kind of friendliness with them. That is because they shared a strong bond with you in the past and your souls connect immediately. If you get this feeling, know that life is giving you another chance to relive the same lovely feelings again.

Unnecessary Rage:

At times you come across people who act rude to you for no reason, even when they hardly know you. That could be their instincts telling them that they knew you from their past and the relationship between you two was not something to be cherished.

Eyes Are the Mirror to the Soul:

Have you ever heard of the phrase that the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well, that is actually true. If you are attracted to someone’s eyes because you feel they look familiar, believe me, they are familiar. Your soul has seen the same eyes and it is happy to see them again.


Have you ever experienced getting the same memories again and again but you can not make a connection with those memories because they are not real? The thing is, those are real memories from a past life, haunting you again, so it is time to hear your soul and give that person a chance again.


Even if you are an introvert, you may meet people you feel at ease with instantly. This comfort level is due to the fact that somewhere before, you have met them. They touched your soul and are not strangers to it.

Guilty Conscience:

Sometimes we feel guilty around people for unexplained reasons. We know that we did the no harm to them, yet we feel uneasy and guilty when we’re around them. That is because we might not remember it, but in our past lives, we caused them harm and destiny is giving us a chance to make amendments of our previous mistakes.


Do you feel a connection with a person but hesitate to initiate the relationship? Maybe you had some bad experience in the past life with that person. They gave you anxiety and made you uneasy, be reluctant to give it a chance again.

The Immediate Help:

If sometimes you feel people are protective toward you even when they hardly know you, that is because they might feel a connection to you from the past. It could be highly likely that they were your sibling or a parent, and thus their instincts guide them to care for you without knowing much about you.

You Do Not Forget Them:

Sometimes, you don’t know the person well but you immediately form a bond with them. You do not spend time with them, but they are often in your memories and you think of them positively. The reason is that, although you two might not be friends, your souls know you knew them from past lives that you lived.

You Can’t Label the Relationship:

We meet people and we don’t know how to feel for them, as best friends, or lovers or just inspirations. This confusion is due to the fact, that in different lives, people have different roles. In this life, they could be your lover, but in a previous life, your soul might know them as your mentor.

The Empty Feeling:

Sometimes, you don’t feel satiated, there is always an uneasy emptiness that you feel when you meet someone. This is not always bad, sometimes it means you will get a new chance to make what was a bad relationship in your past life a good one in this one.