Chocolate Covered Dill Pickles – Just Take My Money Now!

We all love a snack and there are plenty to choose from. From your basic popcorn to the latest trend of chocolate-covered dill pickles.

Chocolate is great on most things

I love chocolate, it’s my go-to snack and I really love chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered peanuts and raisins, okay if I’m honest chocolate in general.

Dill pickles are amazing

You can even get dill pickle popcorn, dill pickle pringles, and my favorite dill pickle vodka.

Malley’s chocolate limited-edition snack

Mally’s Chocolate the makers of the more conventional treats have now designed limited-edition chocolate-covered dill pickles for $9.75 for an 8-oz. box.

Make your own if you can’t find any to buy

If you can’t find any in stock you can always make your own, Delish has a simple recipe on their website.

Not everyone thinks chocolate-covered Dills is a good thing, as with anything its personal taste.