Burger King Will Trade You A Pic Of Your Ex For A Free Whopper On Valentine’s Day

What’s not to love about a delicious yummy Burger King Whopper?

With Valentine’s day fast approaching no doubt the ex is the last thing on your mind. Burger King has come up with a novel way of purging yourself of the ex’s pics and filling a hole in your tummy so it’s a win, win.

This special day you can trade your pics of your ex at select Burger King locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston will have Birds of Prey-themed “breakup boxes.” (For all those not in the know, Birds Of Prey is an upcoming movie about Batman villain Harley Quinn, starring Margot Robbie.)

All you need to do is take in your pics and in exchange, you will get a free Whopper, at last your ex is good for something.

They will also take any unwanted gifts from your ex too such as those cute stuffed toys and clothing and they will donate them to a good cause.

They will even take those love letters and destroy them for you if you feel you can’t do it yourself, sounds pretty good to me.

If you don’t happen to love near one of the locations doing this awesome exchange you can go on their app and take the quiz that has five questions for you to answer and if you get them right you can get a $3 Whopper.