Best To Worst Lover According To Their Zodiac Sign

According to the zodiac, some signs make better lovers than others. They pay more attention to their partner’s needs and it gives them great satisfaction when their partner reaches their highest potential in the bedroom.


A Libra man will make your wildest fantasies come true. He is very much about mutual pleasure whether it is vanilla or stepping out of the box and going wild. He is very creative by his nature so you will never be bored with him in and out of the bedroom. There is always something new on the agenda and he never rushes anything when it comes to the bedroom.


The king Leo makes sure his lady feels like a queen and he makes sure the pleasure you have will leave you craving more from him. They love to be the best at everything and lovemaking is the top of their priorities. They are dominant, passionate and totally dedicated to you.  It is very rare to find a Leo who doesn’t match up to these things and if he is like this its because you aren’t really his queen.


Scorpios are well known for being the most passionate sign in the zodiac. Their passion for life rolls over into the bedroom and they can’t stand anything that is mediocre so you will never be bored in the bedroom with them. They have a high sex drive and they never pass up the chance to get down and dirty with their lady. They are extremely loyal so won’t be found cheating as casual encounters do nothing for them.


Underneath their tough stubborn exterior lays a much-hidden tender loving man, who loves to cuddle up on the sofa and will even watch some chick flick with you. They are a partner for life as casual turns them off. They crave stability and once in the bedroom, there’s a whole new man waiting to unleash his skills on you leaving you shaken to the core.


An Aquarian is open-minded and is always open to new ideas, you never know what they are going to come up with next and life in the bedroom can get very intense and steamy, to say the least. They are selfless lovers and they focus on your pleasure as seeing you hit your peak is what gives them their greatest pleasure. He will be watching your reactions to everything he does and he will soon know if what he is doing is turning you on or off.


For the Sagittarius man it all starts with the conversation, he likes to know what makes you tick and how your beautiful mind works before he even lays a hand on you. He likes to flirt and build up the sexual tension between you both and he has a great sense of humor. Once in the bedroom, he won’t be able to keep his hands off you and quite rightly so.


An Arian man is one of the most sexually dominant zodiac signs and he certainly knows what he wants, so if you don’t mind a bit of domination in the bedroom too then he is your perfect match. He likes to feel loved unconditionally by you as that is a great turn on for him. Knowing you are his plays into his dominant nature. He will make your every desire come true and then some!


He likes friendship first, then he likes to be romantic taking you out for surprise dinners, its all the build-up for him way before he even touches you and you both become physical with each other. He is an emotional man who likes to ensure his lady knows he loves and respects her way before they hit the bedroom scene, once there though its one hell of a wild time.


Gemini men are hard work as you never know what mood they are going to be in, one minute they are cold and unfeeling, the next they are loving and all over you, not the best way to have a relationship. They can be extremely selfish as a lover and all about what pleases him rather than mutual pleasure. When he is in a good mood, he will ensure you both get equal pleasure but that can be hit and miss.


This man overthinks everything in life and the bedroom is no different. He is passionate and very creative in your setting the scene in your head, but sadly when it comes down to reality and performance, he lacks what he has promised as he is so busy overthinking if he is getting it right the mood is ruined and you are left extremely frustrated by him.


He is so busy with life outside the bedroom he forgets about being intimate with you and then wonders why you get pissed at him. He works hard at building a future and home with you that he forgets you have physical needs too even if he doesn’t. They have been known to go a long time without any kind of physical intimacy that when their partner voices their concern they can’t understand why it’s a problem.


Virgo’s analyse everything and that includes the bedroom so any fun you might have is ruined. Their partners are left feeling like they have just taken a test and left wondering did they pass or fail. He won’t be found having casual encounters as for him that is empty and worthless, but he will be a challenge for any partner as it has to always be on his terms.