Believe Me, He’s Not Emotionally Damaged – He’s Just An Immature A**hole

When we care too much about people, we become vulnerable and fail to notice the red flags their actions keep depicting throughout. It’s just how it is with humans and their interpersonal relationships.

It might sound funny, but the cupid hits us with his arrows, and we fall for someone so deeply that we lose the real perspective of our lives. We start making excuses for their actions as well as our own. It just clouds our thoughts and it’s hard to think clearly.

No matter how they behave and what they do, we will come up with millions of different ways to justify their crappy actions because, in the end, we do care too much. 

“They’re just different”, “They were too busy working and are too tired to function properly”, “Usually they’re not like this” etc. etc.

This story is so common that if I had a $ for every time, I heard the same exact experience, I’d be rolling in money.

People just don’t seem to learn from one toxic relationship. It’s like they keep asking for more and keep getting themselves trapped into more and more toxic relationships. It’s so heartbreaking every time I see someone make the same mistake, but the truth is, I can’t help them. It’s just what they choose for themselves. And the worst part of it all, when people decide to stay together and waste their time and energy knowing they’re not happy anymore. They choose to put up with the hell by justifying it and calling it love.

Women – especially women who believe they can change a man. Who keep waiting for a miracle to happen and long for the day their man will actually make them happy. The truth is their partners don’t really give a shit about them and they’re just forcing the relationship. The signs are so clear, yet their mind is so clouded by love that they’re just too blind to see.

You can’t blame yourself for thinking you stopped caring which made you leave them. You need to understand that you’re your priority and you need to put yourself first and for that reason, you have to let them go.

You have to admit you know what sort of a guy he really is. In fact, you’ve known all along. How can you decide to ignore your intuitions and just force yourself into something so toxic?

I get it. You love him. You can’t live without him. He changed your life. You crave that deep, passionate love that they talk about in the movies. The type of love that you submit yourself to and it changes you completely.

You loved him so hard that you lost yourself completely. Your body and your entire soul.

Things you did for him like making sacrifices, being there, making him happy even when you were the one who needed someone. You accepted things about him that you once hated. You told them through your actions and words that you were ready to commit and did everything to prove yourself as the right one.

However, they never seem to notice.

All this time he acted selfishly, he made no effort for you and he never even felt sorry for hurting you. He just justifies his shitty behavior by telling you he’s only like this because he’s emotionally damaged by experiences he’s had in his past.

Even after knowing the truth, you took no cautions when it came to loving him. In the back of your mind, you were already prepared to be hurt, and you knew one day it’ll all become a reality and eventually it did.

Can you tell why?

Why are you doing this when you know this man will never realize your worth? He’s toxic and you know it. He’s only going to hurt you. He lacks empathy towards you because he’s emotionally dead.

I’m not only talking the talk. I’ve experienced this and I’ve learned and its high time that you do too. He’s only using you to validate himself and to boost his ego. You are worth so much more than him!