Being Single Is Far Better Than Being In The Wrong Relationship That Makes You Feel Alone

While being single is very adventurous and fun, for some people though, being single is one of the worst fears of their lives. They need codependency from other people, and they feel lonely and unsafe.

For these types of people, getting in a relationship is the way to go. They feel content by the idea of having someone they can lean on, they can talk to, but these relationships can be tumultuous because they rush in with the wrong people. Just because they don’t want to be alone, they end up choosing people who are not best for them by failing to notice the major problems.

The following 5 reasons why you should rather be single than be with the wrong person

The wrong person will probably hurt you  

Getting into a relationship with a wrong person and expecting it to last forever is like living in a fool’s paradise. It will end, and the bottom line is that it will hurt you because you invested a lot of time in making this relationship work and more than that, you are afraid to be alone again. You will feel as though you will be alone forever and that’s why you silently bear the hurt of being in that relationship, which is even worse.

The wrong person won’t understand you  

The person, who fails to resonate with your vibes, will be least interested to have conversations about your goals, dreams and life. Both of you will feel something missing in your relationship and that is understandable. If your minds don’t meet at some level, then you will only feel bored and disinterested in their company.

The wrong person won’t let you be yourself

Single people are not afraid to show their true selves because they are not seeking the approval of other people. But in a relationship, especially with a person who doesn’t resonate with you, this can cause you to become fake and feel you have to act according to their likes or dislikes just because you can’t imagine them leaving you because of your true self which they do not approve of.

The wrong person won’t love you for who you are

Being happy and content with your life grows from the fact that you are your genuine self. In a relationship, it is just as important. Rushing into a relationship with the wrong person, will cause you pain, they might neglect who you truly are, and they won’t appreciate the small details that make you a unique person. If you are single, you must seek out who you really are so that when you do decide to go in a relationship, you know what to look for in the person and actually decide if the person is worth your time or not.

The wrong person won’t be good company

It is so important to be able to be comfortable in your own company before you can allow your life to be shared with someone else. When you are in a wrong relationship, the company feels odd. They might seem arrogant, distant and can easily snap at you. Lack of similar likes and dislikes is the biggest reason why relationships fail, and they fail to a greater extent when you are with a person who has a completely different mindset than you.

The right one will come along in time. Remember, it all starts with you. If your relationship with your conscience is healthy, then finding the right partner will be a piece of cake in the future because you will know what you are worthy of.