Being Faithful To Your Partner Is More Than Just A Physical Thing

People confuse the idea of being faithful to your loved one with being physically intimate and involved with a single person. They think that they are not cheating on their partners if they are not intimate with another person. Being involved with another person has a lot more to do than just not being sexually intimate. Every relationship stands strong on the basis of one thing, and that is emotional loyalty. In fact, it is the foundation of every long-lasting relationship.

Personally, I think emotional loyalty is a very sincere, deep emotional connection with another human being. It is a promise you make to your partner that they will always be your topmost priority and you will not wander about seeking other’s attention.

Being faithful means getting rid of the dating apps you were using

When you have found your soulmate and you have decided to spend your entire life with your partner, then there is no need to keep those useless dating apps. You don’t want these apps to cause you to drift from your relationship with your partner. Keeping these apps will not be fruitful to you because you don’t want to keep any further contact with the people you’ve had two dates and a movie night with. It’s better to move on from these people and spend all of your time with the person you are now with.

Being faithful means not engaging in flirty conversations

You shouldn’t let your loyalty be questioned just because someone noticed or complimented you. You should never let the thought of another person cross your mind other than that your partner. If you do find yourself pondering over another person and constantly letting that person consume your thoughts, then it is quite obvious that you are not interested in your present partner.

Being faithful means making it clear you are in a relationship

When your partner finally pops the big question and promises to love you for the rest of his life with a beautiful diamond ring, you should show it off to the world like you’re the luckiest girl on earth. Real loyalty is holding each other’s hands in public, being helplessly in love with each other, without feeling afraid or uncomfortable being around your partner because everything you ever wanted in life is in front of you.

Being faithful means complete honesty with your partner

A strong and healthy relationship stems from honesty. You should be honest with your partner about what you’re feeling. Talking to them openly about things you are uncomfortable with, will only strengthen your relationship because you know that you have laid down your past like an open book and you expect the same from your partner as well. This also strengthens the trust between you and our partner.

It should be clarified that possessiveness and faithfulness are two completely different things. Being in a loyal relationship doesn’t mean you can’t ever talk to another human being ever again(possessiveness).

It means that whatever you do, you let your partner know too because you are open and honest with them. Disloyalty occurs when you start hiding things from your partner and start to become disinterested in them. You start giving your time to someone else, other than your partner.

This is more tumultuous than being physically involved and intimate with another person, in my opinion. Your true soulmate is not only someone you are physically intimate with, but they are also the only person who know what lies beneath your skin and those who know your deepest darkest secrets. They are someone you know you want to spend your entire life with. Your faithfulness and desire for your partner should always be more than developing feelings for someone else, whilst staying with your partner.