All Women Are Strong When They Battle A Narcissist, They Just Don’t Think They Are

Narcissists are the truly insidious creatures of society which are sometimes hard to see yet they exist everywhere.  They are the ones who see only themselves and not anyone else existing around them. They just can’t admire or value anyone else around them because they are too blind in their own selves. When women fall prey to such people, she suffers badly but when a strong woman falls for such a guy, she will analyze her relationship with him and walk away without giving a second thought.

She uses her brain rather than her heart to be on the safe side of life and never allows herself to be blinded by love.

They are poisonous because they are self-centred and manipulative. They are cunning, know how to play around and make people do what they want. Such people are not to be trusted at all. They will use you, screw you and throw you away when they are done.

They are so smart that they wear a multitude of masks depending on who they are talking to. They hide and change just like a chameleon. They know how to take advantage of people and how to use them and get rid of them. They spread the net of sugary words and are artful in misleading people.

People may figure out sooner or later about a toxic person in their life but some are taken in and experience abuse such as being blackmailed. When a narcissist encounters a strong woman, she sees them for who they are, she will analyze their behavior. She will never trust anyone so blindly to be destroyed so easily.

If she is a bit suspicious about any such person, she will never fall for someone like this. Even if she does, she will wisely get him out of her life.

Women are viewed as fragile this can’t be further from the truth. Yes, they are emotional and kind-hearted but they are also able to see exactly when they are being manipulated.

A narcissist is always in hunt for easy targets but often see strong women as the ultimate target, they are so arrogant that they believe they can work their way into their lives and take all they need.

The sweet, sugar-coated words are effective to even the strongest women at times, but they soon see through the façade.

A strong woman, unlike other ordinary women, is, sharper, observant and when necessary vicious in her own way. She knows how to be with a man and what limits to give.

When meeting a new man she will be very careful what she says and does if she suspects that what is being portrayed isn’t real she will say or do things to gauge their reaction, to try and pull out the real person before her.

No matter how smart a narcissist thinks he is, he will slip up eventually and that is when they reveal who they truly are.

A strong woman will refrain from anyone who tries to control her life and kick the ones out soon as she finds out what they really are. She will give not a second chance, she will move on without any kinds of regret.

Being with a narcissist is an ultimate battle between good and evil. Once a woman knows what she is up against she will fight for her survival, and if often seen to help other survivors with their healing process.