Aldi now sells their watermelon wine year round and its delicious!

Usually with a new year comes new resolutions. Often about losing weight or maybe even eating better. But with how hard last year was. Combines with the fact that the start to this year has been a circus already, I think it’s safe to say we can all skip those. So instead I present to watermelon flavored… wine. So you can at least pretend you are sticking to those healthy resolutions.

Last Summer Aldi started selling bright-pink watermelon wine, perfect for sipping on during those hot summer nights. The flavor was such a hit that they transferred it over from a seasonal item to one that can be found year-round! 

The first thing that catches your attention with this wine is the color. It is the most amazing shade of pink. That is enough to draw a gal like me in that’s for sure. But even though the color is enough to catch your eye, the flavor itself is what we’re most excited about.

The watermelon wine flavor is light, fruity, and just the right amount of sweetness. According to the product description, the fruity wine features watermelon and citrus complimented by a rich, long-lasting finish. A perfect complement to a delicious meal, beautiful day, fun party, or on its own. Serve chilled.’

Every watermelon wine bottle is 750 mL and has a 9 percent ABV, and it shockingly costs less than $5! Depending on your location prices can be as low as 3.50.

Wine enthusiasts have already spotted the drink on Aldi stores around the country. The beautiful color, tasty flavor, and bargain prices make this wine almost too good to be true.

When this wine came out everyone seemed to fall in love with it right away. People were raving about it all over social media and sometimes it could even be hard to find it on the shelf. If you know anything about Aldi you know that sometimes their items only come around ONCE a year. Some products only once ever. But once in a while, when they have an item like this that people just can not get enough of they bless us all by having them stick around!

If watermelon wine isn’t your thing, this line of wines from ALDI also includes Mango Moscato, Sweet Pineapple, and Peach. They all sound perfect for pairing with your favorite meal or another night tucked in warm and cozy inside!