A Study Finds That Bald Men Are Perceived As Sexier And More Masculine

For decades, bald men have established a reputation for themselves for being some of the most appealing and charismatic men in the celebrity world. Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis are known for their shaved heads and strikingly good looks. However, the recent change of trends has led many young and older men to quit the bald look and resort to growing out their hair longer. Most men start worrying about whether losing their hair early on in their life may make them look less visually appealing to other men and women alike.

But here’s the good news, all the men out there can take a sigh of relief because apparently science backs up the notion that indeed baldness makes a man more visually appealing and masculine.

Bald is the new black

Wharton University, Pennsylvania has recently published a case report that studied the general perception of the population about bald men. Three different studies were analyzed side to side by the researchers and the results were very interesting.

In the first study:

Several test subjects were showed forty photographs of different men from different ethnicities and races, all donning the same business dress code. Out of these forty men, fifteen men had various hairstyles while the remaining twenty-five had their heads shaved. The study concluded that the majority stated that bald men looked more authoritative and powerful as compared to their counterparts.

In the second study:

Scientists took four photographs from the previous study, of men who were ranked similarly on the basis of attractiveness and power. These photographs were then edited, and the hair was shaved off using photoshop. The edited photographs were shown again to the participants of the study who now ranked them higher on the basis of their power, dominance, masculinity and appealing looks.

Lastly the third study:

Involved giving an imaginary description of a man named John to 522 participants. All of them were given the same details about John, including his career and his age but his physical attributes were varied among the different subgroups of the participants. To some, John was described as bald, to others he had thin brown hair or a thick brown mane. The results were that the description of the man with a bald hairline was perceived as the most powerful, successful and strong among other descriptions.

There is no reason to fear balding

Most young men are particularly terrified about going bald as they age. While it is true that sixty-six per cent of men lose a significant amount of hair by the time, they turn thirty-five and nearing their 50s, 90% men will eventually lose most or all of their hair as a part of the natural ageing process. 

While mentioning these facts, it is true that most men will waste a significant amount of time and money in preserving their mane. A minority of the clan may even become depressed and anxious as ageing sets in.

While this stress and anxiety are completely natural, men must understand that losing some of their hair as they age is completely natural and unavoidable, unless you possess hairy genes.

What’s good to remember is that over time that bald hairline of yours will add to your good looks and manly persona. Baldness signifies the years of experience and struggles that you went through in life. It denotes power and charge, and if you are blessed with a chiselled face frame, going bald will eventually compliment your jawline and fantastic face curves.

Hair loss is something that affects millions of men around the globe and while some decide to go for hair transplant and other hair preserving techniques, most eventually become comfortable with their bald hairline and decide to rock the look.

What is your opinion about it?