A Letter For All The Moms Who Are Trying So Hard

Hey you,

I see that you are going through a tough time. You are so busy being a mother, working two different jobs, trying to keep a roof over your head and build a better life for your children that you have no time for yourself.

There are days when you literally drag yourself out of bed to start your day which is hours before most other people rise from their slumber.

Uniforms are ironed and laid out ready, another load of laundry put on as you rush off to make your children’s lunches for school. Preparing breakfast whilst you grab just a cup of coffee for yourself. Getting your children up for school rushing them to the kitchen to eat their breakfast whilst you take a quick shower and get dressed.

Chasing your children to get ready for school, herding them into the car for the school run, dropping them off and then off to work you go. Running out for groceries in your lunch hour, then working your heart out even though all you want to do is lay your head down on the desk to stop the thundering headache you have.

You can’t keep this up, there will come a time when you drop and can’t get back up and then that gives a whole new heap of problems.

You have got to take time for yourself, don’t be scared to ask for help. I know you think that it has to be all on you, as you are responsible for your life and your children, but a break you must have even a small one will make a difference.

I can say all this because I was you at one time, trying to be superwoman mom and let me tell you it just doesn’t work.

So, the laundry doesn’t get done for a day, so what! Pour yourself a glass of wine and just sit, or watch a TV show you haven’t seen, or read a book or even better just sit with your thoughts sipping wine and reminding yourself you are you too, not just a mom.

Get yourself on a school run rota, let some of the other mom’s help with the mad rush to get the kids to school, you’d be surprised the difference it makes having even just one day of no school run.

Stop using your lunch hour for grocery shopping, do a big shop you’ll find you’ll save money too. Yeah, taking the kids will be a pain at first but maybe see if your kids could be on a playdate whilst you get the grocery shop and pick them up on the way home.

Every little change you make makes changes in you. You will find yourself becoming calmer, more relaxed, your headaches will ease and you will find yourself having a little bit of time to yourself each day, instead of collapsing in bed and knowing you have got to be up again in a few hours, your body will thank you for this change.

Your world will not fall apart if everything isn’t done every damn day, you are amazing and you need to remind yourself of that fact.


One who has been there