7 Types Of People To Stay Away From If You Want Peace In Your Life

We have all no doubt been told at some point in our lives to stay away from him/her as they are toxic people. The question is though are they toxic or is the teller just saying this as for some reason they don’t like the person.

We each have different views about people and different views of what toxic is. Toxic people are artists in a way as they are adept at getting us to see only what they want us to see until it is too late.

Toxic people drain you of your energy and suck the happy right out of you, these are 7 types of people that do just that, perhaps you know some.

1. Drama Queens

These people just have to be the centre of attention. There will always be some kind of drama unfolding about their lives often a tragic story that will leave you feeling sorry for them and wanting to reach out and support them, yet suddenly once you offer to support the drama changes story. 

Often their stories will involve an ex who is stalking them, or some imagined slight by another person and it isn’t until you step back and review what has been said you realize it has been one huge lie to get your attention. Should you call them on it they will turn on you without a moments thought and you will be subjected to a smear campaign by them.

2. Gossip Snakes

There are those that do nothing but talk about themselves, there is nothing better than talking about themselves except gossiping, they thrive on gossip and if there isn’t any gossip on the go you can be sure they will make some up just to get the attention they crave.

They are like a snake wrapping their coils around you hissing stories in your ear, and the more you react the better for them as far as they are concerned. Once they have told their story they sit back and watch for the dramatic fallout to unfold.

3. Glow Stick People

I’ve met quite a few of these in my time and they sure do glow at first but like anything that isn’t real their glow soon goes dim even dark and you’re left wondering how you could have been taken in by them.

They appear so amazing and talk about how they have survived at all life has thrown at them. They talk about all their successes and it is like living in a movie or TV show. The truth is they are not perfect because no one is and they fear being seen for what they really are.

4. Emotional Vampires

We’ve all encountered these in our lives there are far too many of these people around for my liking. They need your attention and sympathy all the time and it is draining, to say the least. If they don’t get the attention, they crave they make life uncomfortable for you until you give them what they feel they deserve.

They are not called emotional vampires for anything, they literally suck the joy out of your life and once you can no longer supply their needs they move onto the next victim, but no before doing as much damage as possible to you first.

5. Green-Eyed Monsters

There have always been jealous people around, they have this feeling of entitlement that they deserve what others have and will do all they can to take from others. They are never happy with what they have in life, they always want more. What you have could just be a peaceful happy life and they will want to take that from you, they are mean spirited and narrow-minded people who enjoy ruining the lives of others, just because they can.

6. Human Storms

These are as destructive as they sound, their very presence is like a storm that wrecks everything in its path. They don’t care what damage they cause or who they hurt in the process as for them maximum damage is the name of the game. The chaos that ensues can have far-reaching effects, so it is not just the people involved in the immediate area but friends and family of those who have been the subject of the storm.

7. Life Shifters

One of the most dangerous of all the toxic people and this behavior is always found in the narcissist. They makeup stories or twist actual events in so many ways that in the end, you don’t know what fact is and what is fiction. They will never admit when they are in the wrong, they will blame everyone but themselves and when you become distressed over the lies being told they tell you that you imagined it all and to calm down, then go off and tell people you are crazy.

If you have any of these types of people in your life, you would be wise to remove them or if removal isn’t possible at least put up some strong boundaries.