7 Harsh Truths About Life That Will Make You Get Your Sh*t Together

A normal human being lives approximately 75 years in the United States. When a person is born, its life is shaped with guidance from their guardians, teachers and other people. After a person crosses the age of 18 or into adulthood, they are forced to make choices on their own. The truth is, no one can build the life they want if they keep their true self in the dark. Here are 7 bitter realities of life that a person must know in order to get their shit together.


Everyone needs a purpose for living life. It doesn’t mean setting unrealistic goals. It can be as simple as raising good children as a parent, being a wanderlust and travel to places. The main point here is that you must have something that motivates you to push through every kind of circumstance; good or bad.


This one hits hard for a lot of people. Material things are only a source of temporary and fleeting happiness. Whether it be a luxury car, an expensive watch; for some time, you will feel over the moon for having this in your possession, but the ecstasy soon fades, and you start to feel unhappy again. People need to realize that happiness comes from within and not from material things.


We have all heard the term “actions speak louder than words”. Instead of pondering aimlessly over your goals, you should create a plan to actually achieve those goals in life. Daydreaming will do nothing but waste your time and make you more anxious.


Expecting everyone to like you and in the process losing your true self; it’s not the best way to live your life. That’s why it’s so important to find people who are as like minded as you and who support you through thick and thin. Here’s the truth: Some people will be wary toward you and some might even hold a grudge against you. And guess what? That’s completely normal. Not everyone has to like the way you are.


The point to get through here is that life is too short to be afraid and waiting for the perfect moment. One day, we are all going to die. So, a better idea is to make the time count and go after what you want in this one chance you were given called life. Go after your dream job, do that one thing that makes you feel ecstatic and happy. Don’t wait, just go after it.


Human beings, for some reason, are very afraid of failing in various situations in life. Perfectionism has plagued our minds and we feel that failures are weaklings and fools. But the reality is, at some point in their lives, every single person faces failure. So, in order to get your life together, you must flush out the fear of failure from your mind.


Our conscience tells us to always see the good in other people, but it is also important to trust your gut feeling. It’s natural human psyche that people lie. Some can be small and innocent, others can ruin you in ways you never imagined. So, to put trust in someone, it is important to be in tune with your gut feeling.

Now, I know that reading this is giving birth to this new energy inside you, use this boost to move forward. Get inspired, go ahead and really let these realities sink in because only then, you can live a more meaningful life.