6 Zodiac Signs They Are More Likely To Cheat According To The Zodiac

There is no excuse for cheating period!

If you’re not happy with the relationship you’re in then leave, don’t think you can have your cake and eat it as that is a shitty thing to do.

According to the zodiac, these 6 signs are more likely to cheat than the others.


If you’re dating a Gemini, you will no doubt already be aware they get bored easily and are always looking for the next adrenaline rush and if you’re not giving that to them, they will go and look for it elsewhere.

You will constantly be needing to do something new with them to keep the fire going between you both, and should you catch them out cheating on you, they will blame you for not keeping life at home interesting, they are pretty selfish people when it comes down to it.


Scorpios are the worst for flirting and they sometimes flirt in front of their partners and think there is nothing wrong with it. They tend to behave as ‘I can do whatever I want in this relationship’ they have been known if their partner has annoyed them in some way to revenge sleep with someone, they both know just because they can.

They love to use mind game tactics if they are unhappy in the relationship and expect their partner to do what they want when they want.


Sorry but they are well known as the cheaters of the zodiac, they literally love to cheat, it’s almost like a past time for them, and they don’t hold back telling the stories of their conquests either.

They tend to be the loudest people around and if they get all the attention, they crave then all the better as far as they are concerned. If caught out their attitude is ‘so what’.


As they are open-minded and intelligent, they go after whatever they see as a challenge or something worth having even if for a short period of time. It tends not to be a one-night-stand encounter with them, they go for the full-blown affair and only really stop once caught.

When caught out they will blame the reason for cheating on their partner as they refuse to accept responsibility for their shitty behavior.


Just like Gemini, those under the sign of Aries get bored very easily. If they can’t get what they want at home, they won’t think twice about going out and getting what they want. And to them, that is perfectly normal.

They just can’t abide being in a relationship that doesn’t give them the passion they need and if their partner isn’t constantly making them feel good about themselves, they just simply get it elsewhere.


If your partner is a Leo and you’re not putting them first above everything including yourself then as far as they are concerned it’s not a relationship, so they are free to do what they want and with who they want.

They act like cry babies when caught out and whine that is you had paid them attention, they wouldn’t have felt unloved and the need to stray, its all bullshit and they know it is, but they want their cake and to eat it too.

There is no excuse what so ever to cheat if you find yourself in this position, get rid of them and remember the only person to blame is the cheater.