5 Signs Of The Zodiac Most Likely To Drive You Crazy

Some people just have the ability to drive us crazy. They say things that irritate you, they make promises that they fail to keep, and they can’t work out why you get so mad at them. These 5 signs according to the zodiac have that ability more than others.


Taurus has the ability to drive us crazy due to their stubborn nature and there is nothing you can say or do to change their minds once it’s made up. By being this way some people go to great lengths to avoid interacting with them as it’s just not worth the effort. They won’t admit they are wrong either due to their stubbornness and this can lead to conflict.


They change their minds so often that you don’t know where you are with them and that will drive you crazy. Whilst they are fun to be around, they can be happy one minute and in a bad mood the next for no apparent reason leaving you wondering what the hell is going on. Never believe they have made a final decision on anything as its bound to change like the wind.


They do like to hold a grudge so don’t expect them to let anything go, if they feel you have let them down in any way, they will not let it go and will bring it up at any opportunity. They tend to be perfectionists so best you put your all into everything when associated with them or they will keep on at you until they think you’ve got the message that your best isn’t good enough.


They pretend everything is fine even when it isn’t as they hate confrontation of any kind. They tend to hold their emotions in so you have no idea where you stand with them which can be very frustrating. If you try and talk your concerns over with them, they will just put a wall up as they view saying nothing is far better than any type of conflict. They will leave you feeling like you are on the way to crazy town.


They are always living in a dream world and you find yourself having to pull them back to reality most of the time. They often say they will do something then forget to do it as they have gone back to their dream world. This can get them into a lot of trouble especially in a work environment or if someone is relying on them to follow through on a promise. They often leave people feeling frustrated and wondering if they can be trusted at all.