5 Possible Ways To Deal With Toxic People In Your Life

Let’s be honest here, there are far more toxic people than ever before.

I’m not entirely sure why this has changed, it could be that they have always been around, but it is only due to people being willing to stand up and speak about it that we now see them for what they really are.

Perhaps in the past, we just tolerated their toxic behavior to keep the peace, but now we tell them where to go and call them out on their shitty behavior.

1. Stop pretending their behavior is okay

As long as they get away with their behavior they will continue pushing any boundaries you may have.

It is almost like a challenge to them to see how far they can go before your buttons get pushed.

They drain all your positive energy and make you unhappy, so tell them where to go and keep your vibe clean from their infection.

2. Stand up for yourself

As with anything negative, if you don’t deal with it, it will eat away at your very core.

Toxic people love to play mind games.

When you stand up to them, they hate seeing you do that, they will go on the attack, attempt to belittle you and commence the smear campaign.

Call them out on this behavior stating facts that can’t be disputed, they hate that, and it will make them back off of you fast.

3. Take some time for yourself

Make lots of time for yourself, self-care is essential when dealing with toxic people, as they literally drain all your energy and leave you exhausted.

Do what makes you happy, be alone with your thoughts, if it helps as a coping mechanism think through how you will deal with the next toxic attack.

Be alone and at peace with yourself as that is crucial to recovering from the emotional vampires in your life.

4. Establish boundaries

Boundaries are absolutely crucial when dealing with toxic people if you don’t have any boundaries you are giving free rein for them to do and say whatever they want to you.

Boundaries are not being ‘up yourself’ or ‘rude’, boundaries are a normal healthy part of life, toxic people don’t like them as anything healthy stops them from attacking you and invading your life.

5. You should find solutions

Toxic people work on trapping you into their web of deceit and lies, you will find yourself needing to be at least 5 steps ahead when involved with someone who is toxic.

That is no way to live, if it’s a member of your family or a friend, remove them from your life as much as possible.

If it’s a work colleague speak to your boss if it’s your boss, then sorry to say best look for another job as there is very little that can be done when it’s the person who is supposed to support you in your working life.

When it comes to toxic people, trust your gut, protect yourself and don’t make excuses for their behavior. Allowing toxic people to remain in your life will literally fuck it up!