11 Things Women Do Because They Have Been Hurt Too Many Times

When we’re not appreciated as much as we want, we tend to act monstrously. The life of a woman changes drastically once she’s broken by someone and it can lead her to act differently around people. Even the ones close to her.

Change isn’t always necessarily bad but changing after being hurt by someone can cost a lot for the rest of her life. You can easily identify a broken woman by judging her behavior. The more you notice, the more they become visible to your eye.

She laughs at romance

For her, things like chocolate, roses, bears and anything similar aren’t worth anything. They don’t signify love for her. She’ll probably laugh to herself when a guy approaches her with a clichéd, cheesy pick-up line. None of this mainstream crap is welcomed in her life. 

She doesn’t take love seriously

She’s the type who’ll relate with the pictures of a woman wanting to die alone with 72 cats or having dogs as her kids. She’ll laugh things off once you try to talk about her love life. The typical love life stories make her cringe and she’ll act as if she’s over that phase.

She won’t trust anyone

She has trust issues and it’s visible to everyone. It’s because the love she once gave wasn’t treated the way it deserved, and her feelings weren’t taken seriously. Trusting anyone is a simple no for her – no if and buts. She’s learned from the harsh experiences she has gone through.

She puts up with toxic people

Surprising, isn’t it? But the fact is she knows what it’s like being hurt and what people are capable of doing hence, nothing will shock her. She’s so done with life that she’ll probably get wasted and end up texting her ex-boyfriend at the end of the night, but she still wouldn’t care. Why? Because there’s nothing he can do that’ll catch her off guard. She knows it – she knows it all.

She flirts. A lot

It sounds unhealthy, doesn’t it? But there was also a time where she only looked for one man with whom she’d fall in love. Now, after being broken, her mind has changed. She knows one man isn’t enough and she needs to keep her options open. She doesn’t want to get emotionally attached to just one guy. She’s into harmless flirting now which won’t lead her to be emotionally tired.

She ends up hurting people, even when that’s not her intention

They know what it’s like being hurt so they wouldn’t want anyone to feel the same way, especially because of them. But because she’s put up walls around her, she ends up hurting people unintentionally.

She learned that sadness is a part of life

She can’t let go of her past and accepts her depression. She takes a lot of time to find closure and to let go of her sadness from the past which ultimately ends up being unhealthy because it’s not fine. It’s a sign that she’s not doing great in life.

She thinks that everyone wants to use her

Whenever a guy is nice to her, she feels as if it’s only because of her body. He only wants to become a part of her life because he wants to sleep with her, and he’ll leave once he’s done.

She falls for unapproachable men

Nice guys scare her now because they’re too approachable. Unapproachable ones just feel familiar to her and she feels she understands them better.

She repeats the story in her mind 

She can’t get over what went wrong and why she’s so broken. She keeps thinking about the hurt he made her go through and won’t allow her mind to think otherwise.

She believes in change

Despite everything, she still believes she’ll find love one day and believes in true love. She’s just waiting for someone who’ll come into her life and change all her negative thoughts and finally appreciate her. He’ll give her the love she once craved, and everything will change completely.