Zodiac Signs Ranked From Angel To Demon

We all have a little angel and demon in us some more than others, an extra angel is a delight to see, but when it’s an extra demon that’s a whole new level.

  1. Libra

The Libras are the purest ones of all the zodiac signs. They are honest, faithful and full of grace. They rarely if ever lose control when they are upset and they see the beauty in everything around them. They view life as too short to get into a conflict they just want life to be peaceful and happy not only for themselves but for their loved ones too.

  1. Taurus

These make the best friends to have. People born under this sign have a pure heart and doing harm to others is just not on their agenda. They love to see people happy and smiling as that makes for a good vibe around everyone. They can often be found helping those in their time of need and they feel everyone’s pain just as deeply. They know the world is an ugly place so if they can do anything to lighten that burden, they will.

  1. Pisces

They are well known for living in their own little world full of pink fluffy elephants and unicorns. That doesn’t mean they don’t know what reality of the world is. They are very generous people who will always offer support and love to those that need it. They can get a little emotional if people don’t return these good traits and struggle to understand why everyone can’t be like them and just try and make the world a better place.

  1. Sagittarius

This sign loves to love, its all they know. It doesn’t matter if they have only known you a few days or decades they will try and make you smile and feel good about yourself. They believe love is powerful and is what makes the world go around. They hate hypocrisy and that is when a little of the devil in them comes out and then they don’t play so nice, so you better watch how you behave around them.

  1. Aquarius

Goodie two shoes but with a good heart and a smile that reaches their eyes and is most sincere, which is what attracts people to them. They love to see people happy and content with their life as they know there is far too much pain in the world already. They only time you really see the little devil turn up on their shoulders is in the bedroom and that’s no bad thing.

  1. Gemini

As you would expect with this sign you get an angel and a devil in equal measures. It is like they have an internal battle of good versus evil constantly and that is often why you find them jumping from one subject to another as you are dealing with two people in one body. They do love to gossip and that is their downfall and some of the gossip is damaging and half the time they can’t even remember what they said. They do have an enchanting smile along with lots of positive energy and that is what places them in the middle of the list.

  1. Leo

They are easy-going, friendly, very generous and supportive people, they don’t like to see people suffering and will step in without any need to be asked just to help out when they see a friend fall. But be warned if you hurt them or the ones, they love they will plot an act of swift revenge and it will be them that carries it out, they don’t ask for help from others when the devil has replaced the angel, they can cope very well on their own.

  1. Cancer

They are on the whole a good person, they have too much going on to waste time on negative people, and that shows by the company they keep, their circle can be a few tiers, so they have many on the bottom tier and they only trust those who make it to the top tier. They have mood swings so if you catch them on a bad day then watch out, also a seriously big trigger for them is a liar so best you keep your mouth honest.

  1. Virgo

Virgo’s are loved by everyone; their energy fills a room and gets people in a great place it’s almost like watching a room full of Tiggers bouncing around the vibe is so high. However, if you crazy enough to piss them off them watch out as they will literally chew you up and spit you out and will not lose a moments sleep over it as far as they are concerned you deserved it.

  1. Aries

They love to be the life and soul of the party so everything they do has food and copious amounts of alcohol. They like to live life large as they know they have to make the most of it. They get up to all sorts, gossiping, cheating, betraying without a moments thought and can be often heard saying ‘I’m going to hell who’s with me’ that devil within wins the battle with the angel every damn time.

  1. Capricorn

They don’t have many problems in life, what they don’t realize is that is because they are the problem. Doing good things bores the shit out of them, they find being bad way too much fun to give it up. They are very enticing in what they do and that is why so many people get involved with the escapades as its fun. This  sign is typically the one that believes ‘Good girls go to heaven, but bad ones go wherever they want!’

  1. Scorpio

This sign is 99.9% devil, they are on fire with everything they do and good deeds just don’t make it onto their life’s agenda as that is way too boring for them. What they want they go after and they get it and to hell with who gets walked over and hurt along the way. They feed their needs and can be an absolute devil in the bedroom so make sure you can keep up as if you can’t they will soon dump you and look for someone who keeps them amused and matches their appetites for life.