You’re Going To Miss Her Now She’s Gone

You’re a total shit, there I said it, now let that sink in as you sit here telling me you can’t work out why she left you. She left you because she had enough of you and your shit treatment of her, so don’t sit there playing the victim with me.

Now you tell me how much you miss her, yes, I’m sure you do but did you honestly think that she was going to tolerate your bad treatment of her forever?

She stayed up late waiting for you to come home from work, but the truth is you weren’t working late were you? You were out doing your thing, having fun and giving no thought to the fact you have lied to her, repeatedly.

You left her hanging, waiting for you to reply to her messages she sent you, because she was worried about you and whether you were okay.

You were the cause of so many tears that soaked her pillow as she lay there knowing you were no doubt in someone else’s bed, how did she know? Because she smelt their perfume on you when you did finally climb into her bed.

You broke her heart, yet she chose to repeatedly forgive you.

She would defend you over and over again whenever someone spoke about you in a negative way, they were just telling the truth about you, but she wouldn’t let anyone talk about you unless it was positive, she truly believed the sun shone out of your vile ass.

She without realizing it was enabling you to be the absolute shit that you really are. She would smile at your antics as a mother would smile at their child who is a little bit cheeky. She was your best friend too. She protected you all the time and in doing so she gave you free rein to do whatever you wanted even though it hurt her.

So, now she has left you, she had enough of you. There will be no more cute morning texts to make your day start right. No sudden kisses to surprise you. No unexpected ‘I love you’.

She woke up and realized her worth and that you are not worth a single second of her time anymore. That shocked you didn’t it? You thought you had her wrapped around your little finger, well you’re wrong, aren’t you?

Yes, leaving you hurt her, the hurt went deep, but she knew she had to leave for her own peace of mind. She went the extra mile for you and all you did was cause her pain.

She has grown stronger since leaving you. She sees a bright future for herself something that wasn’t present in her time with you.

You will find yourself thinking of her often whereas you are no longer a thought for her. She is thriving on the freedom she now has.

She is dating again, enjoying the attention of someone who thinks she’s pretty amazing, a feeling that is almost alien to her, so it’s taking her a little while to believe what people say to her is real.

Deep down you knew you were being an absolute shit, but for some bizarre reason you just carried on, even though you knew she was a once in a lifetime kind of girl, it is like you had a self-destruct button that you kept on pushing.

You’re one of life’s assholes and they never know when to stop, and now you will miss her every day and no one will treat you as well as she did. Women will come and go for you, and you will ultimately end up alone as no one will tolerate you as she did.

No one can be expected to keep doing that, there comes a point when enough is enough.