Your Level Of Happiness May Be Down To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have times in our life when we are not happy, but have you ever wondered if this is due to your zodiac sign?


You may be unhappy in life as you are used to challenging everyone and everything and if those around you don’t play up to this part of your nature you are left feeling bored and ignored.

You aim high in life and failure is not your friend. It isn’t as bad as you think, but it can cause you to feel unhappy in life.


You may be unhappy in life as you must control everything around you and that just isn’t possible, you can’t control everything so why are you trying to force it?

Learn to be more laid back about things and you won’t get so frustrated and feel life is one long failure for you.


You may be unhappy in life as it is utter chaos in your head, this is down to the split personality that a Gemini is, two people in one, damn what a nightmare.

One half of you thinks one way, the other part is busy thinking of another, that must be utterly exhausting to you. Choose one way and stick to it, you’ll find life changes very quickly for you.


You may be unhappy in life as you are very emotional. You put everyone’s wants and desire way above your own.

You want to please everyone and will always stop what you are doing for yourself to help others. You need to stop doing that so much and feed your own soul, then life won’t be so miserable for you.


You may be unhappy in life as you are stubborn and sensitive. You desire independence but only on your own terms.

You tend to reject everyone around you who don’t live up to your expectations and often refuse any offer of help due to your stubborn nature, accept help from time to time then life won’t make you so unhappy.


You may be unhappy in life as you’re a perfectionist and to you, everything must be perfect and real life just isn’t that way.

You will drive yourself crazy trying to make the impossible happen and until you learn to relax a little life will always make you unhappy.


You may be unhappy in life as you overanalyse every little detail. This can make you come across as a boring person and people listening to you will see you almost as obsessive.

You obsess what people think about you, which does not help the impression they have of you and will drive you to crazy town, chill out and for goodness sake smile more.


You may be unhappy in life as you are extremely materialistic and if you don’t get what you want it’s the end of the damn world to you.

You need to stop and think that possessions such as fancy cars and big houses do not make you happy long term and living alone is not what you truly want, so be more engaging to be around.


You may be unhappy in life as you lack the balls to live the life you truly want, you are living the life that you have been told to live, yes, you are a people pleaser.

You need to stop pleasing everyone around you and go out and live the life you want, if people don’t like that, tough it’s your life, not theirs.


You may be unhappy in life as you have the master plan on how you will succeed, and if it doesn’t go your way you become frustrated and unhappy.

You are very hard on yourself as well as others around you, and this can alienate you at times. Not everything in life is a master plan, relax and enjoy people’s company tomorrow after all is another day.


You may be unhappy in life as you don’t have ambitious traits like other zodiac signs.

You’re a dreamer and a great one for ideas, you start off driven to make it a success, but then your drive wanes and you think its too much hard work to continue trying. This is what makes you unhappy as you see it as a failure, yet if you had just kept going a little longer your dream would come true.




You may be unhappy in life if you feel that you are unable to leave your mark in some way. You have a strong desire to leave a footprint that all can see, even if it’s just for your family.

You want to be remembered and obsess overdoing things that will make you memorable. The thing is whilst you’re obsessing overdoing this, life is passing you by.