You can now get Grinch-Inspired Christmas Trees at Trader Joe’s That Will Cheer Up Any Holiday Grump

It will he hard to be a Grumpy Miser this Christmas with these adorable Christmas Cypress Tree decorations around. Every time you see them, the Grumpy stigma attached to them will give you a chuckle. Trader Joe’s released these trees last year and has brought them back this year again for the 2020 season. This 2020 surely has had its fair share of grinches that could use some cheering up, right? Well these trees are perfect!

The Grinch inspired tree comes in a 4 inch pot, which is wrapped in a red sack. The tree itself is wrapped with a red ribbon just like the film. The tree is slumped sideways very much like the Grinch himself. The best thing is that each tree has a weighted ornament at the top which ensures the tree stays slumped to one side.

These tree also give off a lemon scent too! It’s just perfect as a holiday decoration but once you plant it can grow to 30 feet tall! Don’t worry, the tree comes with directions.

These trees are 7.99 at most Trader Joe’s locations but some they are 8.99.