Would You Rather Have A Boyfriend Or A Beer?

Being in love is more like a hobby nowadays. People feel like they need a partner to feel happy in their lives. They go on quests, in hopes to relive their childhood fantasy, to find their prince charming and to be happy. But this is where a lot of people make big mistakes and it leads to ugly results. Our lives are more than just finding love and being in relationships. It’s so much more than that. So, here are 6 solid reasons why you should probably opt for a beer rather than a boyfriend.

BEER IS EASY TO FIND: To find a right guy for you is like a never-ending quest, on top of that, it is tiresome and makes you weary. But beer is easy to find. All you have to do is make a quick pitstop to your local bar and have as many beers as you like. Finding the right thing has never been so easy. So, save yourself from the hard work and get yourself a nice cold beer.

BEER IS NOT COMPLICATED: Beer is not even as complicated as a man. Men are a total mystery and you can’t choose which one you want. If only men came with labels, it would be so much easier to see what you are getting yourself into. You can choose whatever beer you want and you know everything you need to about this beverage. A lot easier than guys, am I right?

BEER WILL NOT BRING YOU ANY HEARTBREAK: Beer will never cheat on you, it will never make you feel alone or break your heart. If you can’t find beer at your local bar, you just have to go to another one, maybe a couple of miles away, but it will always be there for you when you need it. Beer will never make you feel unloved and it will always care for you.

BEER NEVER STANDS YOU UP: A beer will never leave you alone. It will always be there for you in times of need. Whereas, most guys can leave you at the most crucial times when you need them the most. A beer will handle all of your juggling emotions and it will never leave you when you’re acting up too much. It will be with you 24/7, always.

BEER WILL NOT MISTREAT YOU: The worst a beer can do to you is give you a hangover and make you feel hazy, but that’s because of overdose. Unlike most men, a beer will never too rude to you, it will never leave you, it will never be hostile or mad towards you. Men will mostly treat you like garbage, but beer will do nothing but give you comfort and satisfaction.

BEER WILL BE WITH YOU AFTER A LONG DAY OR WORK: Unlike men, who have a million excuse to make, a bottle of beer will always be there to comfort you. it will stay with you through the bad times and good ones. If you had a crappy day, you know that your beer is waiting for you at home, ready to listen to all your rambling. Beer is non-judging and it will satisfy you to the core. If these reasons are not enough to convince you that beer is better than a guy, I don’t know what will. Drinking in moderation will keep you happy and full of life. Since beer cannot cause you any potential harm, it is the way to go.

So the next time you feel like mingling with a dude, ask yourself: “Do I want a man or a beer?” If you want comfort, satisfaction and something which will never leave you broken or hurt, go for a beer. You will not regret it.