Why Every Daughter Cherishes Her Father

A father is the biggest asset for a girl. He is part of the reason she is brought into this world. A father is more dear and important to her than she will ever get to believe in her life. Every girl who has a loving father by her side at all times is the happiest of them all. Not all girls are privileged to have a father who brings her up well, so those girls who are raised well, especially by their father, are some of the luckiest beings on Earth. A father is not only a loving parent, but he’s also a universe of happiness, safety and some of the best life lessons she can ever receive.


The best part about relationships and friendships are the memories. The worst part is that they all end at one time or another. But a father is that single person who stays with her daughter in every situation. She can be her true self around her father. She can share the most embarrassing situations and moments with him. A father will never judge her or humiliate her for being herself. Those fathers who feel that their daughters are humiliating him are not true parents at all. A father accepts her daughter for the way she is. Whenever she wants the laugh the hardest and loudest, whenever she wants to smile, whenever she wants to be heard; her father is the only man in her life who will do these things unconditionally and out of true love. A father is one of the best people in a daughter’s life because, with him, she can be the truest, most carefree version of herself.


A girl seeks the guidance she needs from her father, from the day she is born to the day she starts looking for the love of her life. A father is like a pillar of hope that she can rest against whenever she doesn’t understand what to do. She truly believes that with the help of her father’s golden words, she can through the highs and lows of life. A father actually teaches her daughter how to stand strong and how to believe in herself. A girl’s love for her father is the truest and she loves him without any expectations in return. This fact gives her a guideline on what to see in a person she wants to spend her entire life with. She wants a man just as loving and caring as her father to be her life partner. Any man who wants to win a girl’s heart must make her feel the same affection and love as her father shows to her.


In a world where everyone is jealous, always wanting to be the best and competing against each other can be extremely exhausting. A girl, whose confidence and esteem rises from small wins, needs a constant support system, which is honestly very hard to find. A father, however, will always be there to cheer for her, when she is out facing the battles of life. A father provides comfort to her daughter when she feels destroyed and weary. He calms her and then boosts her motivation to go after the things she wants again. Even if she’s losing at something, her father will always encourage his daughter to give her best and leave the rest to fate. The best part about a father is that he will be with her daughter through thick or thin. He teaches her to chase her dreams and follow her intuition. A father is everything she needs when it comes to having a constant emotional, moral and mental support system.

A father’s love, attention and time are the greatest things a woman can get. From this nurturing, she can become a better woman, because she was grown and brought up with a lot of love and care. To a daughter, a father is everything she will need in a man.