When You Meet The Right Person, You Will Be “Enough”

It is universally accepted that the tedious process of meeting someone new and establishing a full-time committed relationship with someone can be overwhelming, especially when your former partners have given you immense heartaches and baggage.

One failure in love and another one, and you can’t seem to think straight. Perhaps you are the one who is wrong. You question yourself and wonder if you will ever be able to find the one you desire. It is important to realize, that when the time comes, you will be able to recognize your one and only, and that’s the magic of love.

When you find the right person, you will feel beyond happiness and contentment. They will look through you like a mirror, they will be able to recognize the pain and the suffering you had to go through, they can also see the independent and strong woman behind that pain. They will be there to help you heal your soul and open your heart to opportunities. Although they can see that strong side of yours, they can also recognize your flaws and your shortcomings, but they won’t be so critical about them.

They know that every aspect of your personality provides uniqueness to you and that is priceless to them. With the right person, your soul will feel at ease. They will make you laugh till you can’t seem to breathe and your stomach hurts. They won’t ever make a deal out of it when you unnecessarily ring them up or hit them a text. They would be more than obliged to respond back.

They won’t ever make you feel like the spark will fade away, the bond between you two will only get stronger as time passes. The right person wants to get to know you, but in your own time. They won’t suddenly impose themselves on you if you aren’t ready. They will be kind and gentle when dealing with you, they will be honest and patient towards you so you can open your heart and soul up to them with ease.

They will wait for the time when you start trusting them more. They will always make it a point to tell you how they feel about you. The right person will accept you for who you are. Not for the person they envisioned as you in their mind. They will accept you with the good and bad too. For them, you are more than just a pretty face or a sexy body type.

With the right one, you won’t feel that you wasted your precious time on them. They will rank you amongst their highest priorities. The plans they make, and the dinner dates they invite you to, they will always show up as a true gentleman would. With the right person, your soul will feel whole and complete. You will finally be able to connect to them on a personal level, you will feel understood for the first time since long. You will feel cherished and loved.

They complete you and you couldn’t ask for more. There will be no room for jealousy and insecurity, The love and passion will flourish with full might. Because you will feel safe, secure and loved when you meet the love of your life. Because finally, someone accepts you for who you are, they don’t want to twist and mold you around their standards. And you deserve to be loved like this. You deserve to feel like this. Don’t settle for mediocre, Settle when your heart is ready to accept all the goodness