When You Have A Badass Boss, Who Understands Your Love For Game Of Thrones

An incredible boss created a Game Of Thrones prediction sheet for their employees to guess who lives, dies and white walks.

It works the same as fantasy football but with your favorite characters and leaves your mind open to so many theories as to how this beloved story ends.

In a recent Reddit post from u/xsupajesusx (AKA Max) the joys of cutthroat inter-office competition and banter will be on point for you.

Max shared a photo of the pool his boss made and handed out ready for the final season, wish we had caught this earlier!

The characters are listed and you get to choose who lives, dies, comes back as a white walker.

Each employee paid $10.00 to join the pool and for each correct guess they score points and they lose points if their guess is wrong.

There are even bonus points:

“Is Daenerys pregnant”  

“Who kills the night King?”

“Who holds the Iron Throne at the end?”

People went crazy asking for a copy of the sheet so Max posted it online so other offices could use it and he said his boss ‘is the best’, in case you’re wondering Max works at a veterinary hospital.

Reddit blew up with people talking about so many possibilities and some are pretty wild.

And yes, we know: When someone dies they don’t become a White Walker, they become a wight. 

Who do YOU think will live, die, and wight?