What You Dream About Most Often, According To The Zodiac

We all dream, sometimes we remember the dreams and sometimes we don’t, we just have a vague recollection that we dreamt.

Some dreams are pleasant others not so much as it does tend to be those dreams that we remember most. They say that we can learn a lot about ourselves from our dreams as that is when we have the least control and our mind can run its course without being held back.

We all have fears of certain things and sometimes those fears become part of our dreams.

Aries – Losing Control

You like to always feel on top of everything, you must be in control as to not be so is beyond your comprehension. That is why you may find you often dream about losing control, you dream of this as it is one of your deep-rooted fears and you may find you dream of this if you are in the middle of something is your waking time that is crucial to you succeeding.

Taurus – Oversleeping

You are always rushing around trying to keep on top of things and not being late for anything. You give your all so by bedtime you are exhausted and do feel the weight of the day laying heavily on your shoulders and know tomorrow will be another day of rushing around. You set more than one alarm as you fear oversleeping and having a bad start to your day, so this feeds into your dreams.

Gemini – Being Ignored

You are a free spirit and that attracts people to you and you are extremely popular, you are the life and soul of the party and people are drawn to you. You like this about yourself so one of your biggest fears is to be in a situation where you are unknown and pretty much ignored. Your dream could be walking down a street and there is no one around or that you are in a crowd of people and they act like you are not even there.

Cancer – Betrayal

You care deeply about people, especially those you love. They are important to you and a big part of your life. You give your all and expect others to do the same. Being betrayed is one of your deepest fears so when you dream of betrayal it could be your subconscious telling you that you have something you need to face.

Leo – Extravagance and Loss

You like to be in control and you know what you want and you go all out to get it. You do like to buy expensive items with your hard-earned money as it is your little treat to yourself for getting things done. You love your collective treasures and to lose them would be devastating for you, so you may find yourself dreaming of things you hold dear being lost or even stolen.

Virgo – Losing

The control freaks of the zodiac, everything has to be done your way and you are very much a person of everything in its place. Your career is very important to you and you have even in the past lost relationships as you put your career first. One of your deepest fears is losing your job that you have worked so hard for so that will turn up in your dreams.

Libra – Stability

You can come across as a cold person, this is because you are very emotional but refuse to show it, so you detach yourself from situations or people. In your dreams you are more open and willing to let people in, so your dream state will find you doing things that in your waking life you wouldn’t be found doing.

Scorpio – Flying

This is a common dream for Scorpios, in the waking world they are controlled, dominant and at times unfeeling, they can be restrictive in all they do, so when they dream their emotions are relaxed and free to be anything they want, even a crazy flying machine that gives them a sense of freedom.

Sagittarius – Being Held Back

You hate to feel trapped by anything or anyone. You are not ones to stay too long in one place or one job, you like the freedom to do what you want when you want, and one of your fears is being stopped from doing so. Your dream state may have you stuck in a place that you can’t stand or even dreaming of being trapped with no way out.

Capricorn – Pleasure

As you often lack the ability to express yourself in your waking time, all the pent-up thoughts and emotions need to come out at some point they often do so when you dream. In your dreams, you have no problem expressing yourself and you will find when you wake that you wish you were as courageous as the part you played in your dreams.

Aquarius – Self-Expression

You are another sign that doesn’t find expressing themselves easy, in fact, it is one of your worst fears being put in a position when you have to truly say what is on your mind. In your dreams, you can be anything you want and your mind gives you that place of safety to dream of who you wish you could truly be.

Pisces – Being Stuck

You have so many hopes and life goals that you want to achieve. You are a creative soul and see potential in all things. Should you be doing something that you want so passionately to achieve that in your dream state your fears of failure will come through as being stuck where you are and unable to move in any direction.