Ways To Spot The Person In Your Life Is A Psychopathic Liar

Everyone lies at some point, you know the little white ones to save someone’s feelings, ‘No your bum does not look big in that dress’ kind of thing.

But a psychopathic liar they are a whole different beast, they have an emotional and mental need to lie, they just have to do it, they can’t stop.

It isn’t always easy to spot a psychopathic liar but here are some telltale signs to help you.

  1. They lie all the time

They lie and lie and lie, even about the most stupid things. Anything and everything turns into a lie. If they told the truth, they would probably pass out as their body would go into shock!

  1. They have their own motives

A psychopath knows only one way to function and that is as a liar.  They tend to dominate people too, they have to feel in control and superior all the time.

Their ultimate lie is ‘I love you’ as they find it impossible to love.

  1. They know how to convince you to do anything they want

For a psychopath lying is just as essential as breathing. They have no empathy at all, they can look a person in the eyes, lie, and be totally convincing about it.

Their ability to do this makes a mockery of the claim that if a person lies, they can’t look you in the eyes.

  1. They play on your sympathy

A psychopath will play havoc with your emotions, especially those where you care about how someone is if they are injured or sick.

They will claim an illness if they feel their lies are about to be exposed to divert the person from that lie to then another lie.

  1. They believe their lies

They believe 100% of what they are saying. It is almost as if they have no idea what truth really is.

You could say to them the world is round and they will say ‘No it is flat because I’ve seen it flat’ and believe they have indeed seen the world first hand as flat!

  1. They always have trophies of their lies

In a bizarre twist to being a psychopathic liar who you would think would NOT want to be caught out, they leave small bits of evidence of their deceit behind.

It is almost like they want to be caught so they can face your challenge with yet another lie, build the story up to its final act, and this is what can make them so very dangerous.

  1. They speak a different language

When they say, ‘I love you’ what they mean is ‘You serve my needs for now’.

When they say, ‘Please believe we can get through this’ what they mean is ‘The first chance I get I’m out of here’.

  1. They are the master/mistress of denial

When you confront a psychopathic liar, they will often avoid answering your questions, they enjoy playing dumb.

If they do decide to answer you, they will make claims such as ‘It’s all in your head’. or ‘I never said that, stop lying about me’.

  1. They are addicted to their lies

As a psychopathic liar lacks any empathy they will not cease lying. They love the adrenalin rush they get when they see the reaction to their lies.

They don’t care about any trouble their lies may cause as that just feeds the adrenalin rush even more.

  1. They all have the same personality traits

They are charming.

They lack remorse.

They lack social responsibility.

They are closely related to Narcissism.

They have no feelings for anyone but themselves.

Sound familiar?

Time to get away before they suck your soul dry.