Trying These 7 Home Remedies For The Feeling Of Vertigo Worked For Me

Vertigo is a condition that can really impact your life and trying to do even the basic of daily tasks can become an uphill challenge. Things such as cooking, cleaning the house, playing with your children, walking the dog even sitting or standing is a battle.

The Symptoms Of This Disorder Include:

A sensation of disorientation




Abnormal eye movements

I was talking to a friend who I was unaware had the same problems as me but she was tackling it the natural way which sounded good to me. It was a case of trial and error and it didn’t help overnight but it wasn’t long before I noticed a difference.

1. Drink Water Before Eating

Yes, I know it sounds way too easy and simple but keeping yourself hydrated goes a long way to prevent your blood pressure from dropping which is the cause of the dizziness and that awful light headed motion.

2. Take Cool Showers

Hot baths and showers can make you dizzy, they cause a disruption to your hormones associated with relaxing and opening up your circulatory systems. The dramatic increase in your blood pressure from the hot temperature can make you have a vertigo episode. Taking a cool but not cold shower helps and goes a long way to preventing potential falls in the shower.

3. Ginger Tea

I love ginger tea so this was what I tried first. I’ve used it in the past to help reduce my nausea whilst pregnant. You can either use it on its own or mixed with green tea. Add a teaspoon of ginger root powder to a cup of hot water to drink on its own or add to green tea.

4. Foods With Vitamin C

We often lack vitamin C due to our diet, so changing to a diet that included more vitamin C did help reduce the dizziness I was experiencing.

5. Eat Whole Grains

Whole grains are the kings among food! They help regulate our blood sugar and can alleviate the dizziness. The whole grains help avoid sudden drops in blood sugar associated with vertigo.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another natural beast of a remedy who knew! This has been used for centuries for hundreds of different health issues. Mixing a tablespoon into a glass of water and drinking it in one go did make a lot of difference for me, so much so that I made a bottle of it up in the fridge and drank from it throughout the day.

7. Get A Massage

I didn’t need to be told this one twice! Any excuse for a massage. The massage stimulates the different pressure points around the body and triggers a different reaction. The massage literally short circuits the dizziness you experience and makes you calmer. Make sure you tell the person doing the massage why you are having it as they will then know which pressure points needs the most attention.