Tips to make moving on easier!

Unfortunately, not everyone who comes into your life will be there to stay forever. Parting ways with someone you cared about deeply is not always easy. Sometimes, it takes a lot longer because we don’t want to forget that person who resides in our hearts.
Holding onto their memories can do more harm than good though. So you will need to find a way to move forward and move on. Fortunately, it is possible and we’ll give you 10 ways to do so.

This doesn’t just apply to romantic love either. So whether its friends, family, or the love of your life after things go south the sorrow is deep. This article can help you move on and towards new happiness. So let’s get right to it and start moving forward. 

Moving On Is Not Easy. There are a fortunate few who seem to bounce back easily after a breakup. For the rest of us, it takes some time. Mending your heart can be a tricky thing. Some people seek professional help but that’s not for everyone. So if you need an alternative way the first and most important this is to address your feelings. You should not ignore how you feel, even if you’re scared of admitting how hurt you are. Pain is a natural but unfortunate part of healing after losing a loved one. If your emotions and feelings go unaddressed, it could have serious repercussions in your life. You need to figure out a way to embrace it or things could spiral fast. You don’t want to let something go unhealed and end up bringing baggage into your next relationship or worse. You could end up in a deep depression.
So, without further ado, let’s see how we can help you start your journey towards healing and moving on.

•Do not just go Through The Motions
Do not just ignore what you are feeling. Don’t let your negative feelings rule your life, but don’t think they’ll disappear if you don’t acknowledge them. You will need to acknowledge them to overcome them.
When you face what you feel, you will be able to process everything with more control. It is never fun to deal with regret, sadness, or anger. But if you want to heal, it is a necessity. Doing this will not be easy, and it will not be comfortable. It will not be pretty. But it has to be done.  Address your grief and deal with it constructively. How that happens will be different for every person. Find your ways and use them. Deal with your emotions and do it in a healthy way.

•Don’t Rush Things
The truth of it is getting over someone takes time – you’ll achieve nothing if you try to rush your healing process. Most people’s first reaction is to want to forget as fast as possible, but in reality, that is not gonna happen. You will simply be prolonging the process. It will be slow and gradual but you’ll be grateful for the better sense of closure.
For some, it takes years to fully recover. If that’s you, don’t worry. You will get there eventually, just allow yourself to feel your emotions.
Everything that you’re going through now will be over and you will feel better.

•Pen Your Feelings
Writing has always been a release for me. Putting your feelings down to paper can help release the emotions you are burying inside. You don’t have to be an exceptional writer to do this. It’s all about being honest and open about what’s going on inside you.
For many people, it is easy to deny their feelings because they don’t admit them. And saying them out loud feels like defeat. That’s why writing down your feelings is a good way to face what you’re feeling without a sense of losing control. Once you’ve got it all written down, you will have a stronger sense of power over them. It can also be a therapeutic way of dealing with your emotions.

•Be Honest About Your Relationship
Sometimes we tend to forget things and only remember the good. But if it was only good you wouldn’t have parted way, to begin with. It is easy to remember only the good things about a relationship when it’s over. We tend to conveniently forget all the bad things, longing for what we had when we were happy. This is a mistake. You have to be honest about what your relationship was and why it came to an end. Don’t delude yourself into thinking everything was perfect. You will miss something that didn’t even exist in the first place.

•Focus On You
The absolute most important thing to do is focus on yourself. Using the energy of a bad parting to drive yourself to reflect and improve your own being can turn a negative into something very positive for you. 
You have to focus on yourself throughout the moving on process. You have to be your first priority.
Do things that are fun for you. Indulge in your pleasures and find new hobbies to make yourself smile a little bit.
Find new passions and read new books. Watch the movies you wanted to but didn’t. Find joy in spending time on your own and enjoy your own company.

•Get Help
Do not be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, it is just not possible to cope on your own. That’s okay. If you feel yourself going too deep into the sadness or just not rebounding back there is no shame in asking for help. It comes highly recommended if you need it. You can lean on friends or a professional. Having a support system is a great way to help you move on with your life and grow as a person.

•Let Time Heal Your Wounds
When all else fails just give it time. What feels like it may kill you today will only sting in a week from now. It sounds like a cliché but letting time help heal your wounds is a good idea. As time goes on, you will become stronger and the pain will be less intense. How much time it takes to move on is different for everyone. Don’t feel like you should be at a certain place after a certain amount of time. Let time run its course and go with it. Take things as slowly or as fast as you need to. You are the one who knows what’s best for you, at the end of the day.

Just remember that not everyone you lose is a loss. Some people are only in your life to teach you lessons and help you grow. Once the pain is gone it will be a lot easier to see the silver lining.