This boozy ‘Ice-cream truck’ is delivering margaritas right to your door!!

This restaurant is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the game in these crazy times we are living in. A homemade margarita just isn’t the same as having on made especially for you with all the trimmings. I feel like it just never tastes quite the same. Since we currently can’t turn up at our favorite bars this summer, how awesome would it be to have these life-saving drink spots come to us? 

In a world where thousands of bars and restaurants are shut down, home deliveries are becoming people’s life force. We already knew you could get groceries and other staples delivered. But now a special little Houston based bar, Bovine & Barley, is finding a way to stay afloat when so many businesses are struggling. 

Free deliveries and decadent pleasures

Since people can’t come to the bar anymore, B&B decided to bring the bar to their customers! They came up with something called “The Adult Ice Cream Truck,” a mobile truck that delivers frozen and fizzy cocktails to adults in their homes.   [1] 

Every day, from 11 am to 8 pm, the truck makes several runs delivering some of the most popular customer favorites. You can get mojitos, margaritas, moscow mules, daiquiris, and pina coladas, $9 for singles, $16 for doubles, and $55 for party packages. What amazing prices!

They are always keeping this fresh and inventing new drinks as well. Using the best ingredients that they can find!

The restaurant says they are receiving daily calls begging them to extend their services. People everywhere want a chance to relive their childhood memories of running down their favorite treat truck.

What’s a cocktail without a light snack? 

It isn’t just drinks that this truck offers either. They can also supply the snacks!! You can also order some bites along with your drinks; chips and salsa are selling at $6, and house-made potato chips at $1. 

Unsurprisingly the locals are besotted with their so-called “ice cream truck” and they can’t seem to get enough of it. If you’re within the delivery areas and you don’t mind a little boozy goodness these days, text your order to 832.547.0912 or visit their Facebook page here. It may not be exactly like spending the evening dancing away in their bar. But I think if you turn up the music up just right, you really can pretend. 


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