These fruit leathers are easy and delicious!

If you’re anything like me you hate to waste!! So I have to get crafty using things up sometimes. Especially when my kids go from “I love that fruit it’s all I eat.” To “strawberries are gross” overnight. So this fun fruit leather recipe saves me from having to throw out fruit on the brink of going bad! It was so easy to throw together! The hardest part is being patient while it cooks!!

The only things you need for this recipe is the fruit of your choice, applesauce, parchment paper, and your oven. The simplicity of the recipe makes them not only delicious but good for you as well! 

The first thing you’re going to do is prepare the food for your processing. Cut it up however you normally would and toss it in! I usually go fruit-heavy so about 3 or 4 cups of fruits to 1.5 cups of applesauce. But you can reapply to eyeball it!!

Process it all together until its smooth. After that lay your parchment down on a cookie sheet. Spoon the mixture out and spread it into your desire shape. You can even just fill the whole tray and cut them to size after they cook. Try to make it even as possible so it will dry equally!!

Drop your oven down to 135 and pop it in!! The cook time will be between six to eight hours depending on how thick you’ve made them! When they are done they will look a little shiny and feel slightly tacky but not sticky at all! Take them out cool down and enjoy!