The Real Difference Between A Narcissist And A Sociopath

You can’t but notice the increase in the subject of Narcissists and how they impact people’s lives. From political figures to within our own four walls.

You often find the term narcissist and sociopath used together when they are not the same thing at all.

At times the differences are so slight yet different they are and it is always a good idea to know what to look for in any potential new friendship or relationship.

Narcissists have huge egos and they believe they are better than everyone around them. They will not hesitate to walk all over someone to get what they want and some are quite devious in doing this which then gives them the title of a malignant narcissist.

Sociopaths are people with an antisocial personality disorder, they exploit everyone they know to get what they want and breach trust very early on in any relationship. They are extremely manipulative.

  1. Sociopaths are much less consistent.

Narcissists are utter assholes; they will have a passion and drive to get what they want especially in things such as careers they climb the career ladder very quickly not giving a moment’s thought to those, they have walked over in doing so. Sociopaths are never consistent and will often float from the job to job or relationships to get what they want to further their careers and needs.

  1. Narcissists tend to be much less aware of the things they’re doing.

It is rare for a narcissist to know they are one until it is put to them and they will be quick to deny this and flip the accusation back on to you. They rarely seek therapy unless made to do so by someone in authority such as a court for crimes they have committed for example controlling coercive behavior which is thankfully now a crime. Sociopaths know exactly what they are doing and are aware of the impact they have as that is their main goal to be as destructive as possible.

  1. Sociopaths are far too impulsive.

Narcissists always have a plan and a backup plan in mind. When they get caught out you can almost see them shrug their shoulders as if to say, ‘Oh well I’ve been caught out, onto the next target’. Whereas a Sociopath is impulsive and rarely plan anything in life, they just wait to see what is handed their way.

  1. Sociopaths lack remorse.

Contrary to popular belief narcissists do experience feelings to a certain extent, they lack empathy but feelings of anger and frustration are something they know very well. Sociopaths on the other hand never feel any kind of emotions, it is often why you see such a blank and vacant stare when talking with them about something that in others with empathy would evoke an empathic reaction.

  1. Narcissists ‘fit in’ a lot easier/better.

Sociopaths fail on an epic level to fit in with society and what we consider normal behavior. They are outsiders that have the ability to flit in and out of society when it suits them too.  The narcissist is capable of fitting in with society and be almost invisible to the famous red flags until its too late for the person they have targeted.

These are just a few examples but hopefully, they have set you on the path of protecting yourself from both types of toxic people.