The Darker Side That Each Zodiac Sign Would Prefer To Keep To Themselves

Everyone has a good and bad side to their personality. Some work harder than others to keep their faults to themselves often because they fear the judgment that can follow. It could be down to which sign you were born under as to what behavior is your darker side.

Aries: Hate it when they don’t get their way

Aries are born leaders; they like to run things their way. They are reluctant to follow orders given by others and it is often their way or the highway. If they don’t get their way, they can be moody, stubborn and at times have been known to throw temper tantrums. Basically, they are adults wearing kids behaviors.

Taurus Zodiac: Too Materialistic Than They Pretend To Be

Taurus individuals are creatures of habit and their comfort zone is essential. They are stubborn as you would expect, they are at times great advice-givers but avoid taking any financial advice from them as they are hopeless with money and can be very materialistic so they love to spend, spend, spend and then regret that they have not enough money to see them through to the next paycheck.

Gemini Zodiac: Makes Flash Judgments

Geminis do not believe in the dictum of “do not judge a book by its cover”. They judge people way to fast for their own good, they make rash decisions in life that can at times leave them in a real mess, then they try and talk their way out a situation which often leaves those around them irritated.

Darkest Secret Cancer Zodiac: They Loves an Emotional Good Pity Party

Cancers can be best described as ultra-sensitive and what to most people would be a harmless remark, even funny can leave them in a sulk or seething anger for days. They love to play the victim card and expect people to feel sorry for them when they are upset when often the imagined slight or insult in reality doesn’t even exist.

Leo Zodiac: Needs Their Ego to be Fed Constantly

Huge egos, they think themselves as being full of charm and popular which isn’t always the case and they hate to feel unloved, unwanted, and unpopular. To them they are the King of the jungle and everyone should respect them, this is not a sign to even accept that respect is earned not a given.

Virgos Zodiac: Constantly Battling Inner Demons

Virgo’s are well known to be hard on themselves they are life’s overthinkers. Everything has to be logical and their analytical minds make them strive for perfection in all they do. They expect everyone else to be the same and are incapable of accepting failure on their part and others too.

Libras Zodiac: The World’s Biggest Pushovers

Libras hate confrontation of any kind. They try to be peacemakers when they see others argue which ends up with them more often than not being used as a doormat and being walked all over. They would rather suffer in silence when upset than speak their mind.

Scorpios Zodiac: More Suspicious and Jealous Than They Let On

Scorpions are busybodies, they want to know everything and often poke their nose where it isn’t wanted. They love being in the centre of gossip, they lap it up, as long as it is about someone other than themselves yet should someone talk about them then all hell breaks out and the gossiper can be assured of being stung by their venomous tail.

Sagittarius Zodiac: They aren’t as Free-Wheeling as They Appear to

Sagittarius are moralistic people. They guard their beliefs and wow betide anyone who steps on their toes and insults what they believe in. They lack the ability and patience to listen to other people’s views on a subject as far as they are concerned their belief is the right one, often people will see a Sagittarius as accepting and non-judgmental, that is because so far everyone has the same points of view.

Capricorn Zodiac: They are More Emotional than They Prefer You to Know

Capricorns can come across and cold individuals, they are practical people and like to deal in facts, almost robotic. The thing is what you see and what they are… well, that’s two very different things. They are extremely emotional people but only show it when they feel safe to do so, they are loyal friends and it is only those who are very close who know the real Capricorn.

Aquarius Zodiac: They Feel Like an Outsider

Aquarians are the ones with the bigger picture view. They are ambitious love working on projects and believe change is a good thing. They can at times have extreme ideas and because of this, they feel on the outside which makes them seek solitude which results in them being isolated.

Pisces Zodiac: Constantly Terrified Of Commitment

As they live in their little world when reality hits they struggle to cope. They prefer their little bubble as its peaceful and safe there for them. Add the high emotions they feel on top of that you will find it very difficult to get them to commit to anything unless it suits their bubble world existence.