The Chair Challenge Goes Viral On Tik Tok, But It Appears Women Can Do It No Problem, But Men Can’t!

It is said that men come out on top for things such a lifting heavier weights even parking yet a viral challenge doing the rounds on Tik Tok throws those ideas of superiority into doubt.

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Right now the chair challenge is viral with some hilarious results. The challenge involves standing three feet away from a wall. You then bend over with your head touching the wall, yet the real challenge comes when you try to stand up holding the chair at the same time!

Sounds pretty simple, right?

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You can find dozens of pictures and videos on social media and women are coming out on top as being able to complete the challenge whereas men struggle to complete and nearly always fail and fall over to boot.

How to do the chair challenge

First things first, how do you take on the challenge? Don’t forget to get your phone out to record, what’s about to ensue…

  1. Stand up against the wall and take three footsteps back
  2. Place a chair in front of you, up against the wall
  3. Bend over the chair, creating a 90-degree angle with your body
  4. Place your head against the wall
  5. Lift the chair up to your chest, keeping your head against the wall
  6. Now comes the real challenge… try to stand up straight, lifting the chair with you

Why can’t men do the challenge?

The scientists have come up with a few theories as to why men struggle with this challenge.

One theory is the centre of gravity and body mass, the point where a person’s weight is most concentrated.

Yet others believe it is the person’s foot size, hmmm!

When it comes to women and men the general thought is that they have different centres of gravity, for men it is in their chest area whereas in women it is found in their waist-hip area.

The US scientists Jeremy Johnson says; “Interestingly enough, many girls can successfully complete this challenge, while most boys cannot.

“Why? Again, it’s all about the centre of mass.

“The centre of mass for most girls is lower to the hips, while the centre of mass in boys is much higher.

“Therefore, for most girls, the centre of mass while bent over the chair is above their feet, while the centre of mass for most boys is above the chair.”

However, Professor Brian Ford at Cambridge University, says most men’s failure to complete the challenge has more to do with the size of their feet. “It is true that women have a lower centre of gravity than men, by several centimetres.

“But that has no bearing on this crafty little trick.

“Men have longer feet than women. Two paces back for a man would be some 60cm, for a woman it’s more like 50cm.

“So to begin with, the man is forced further away from the wall.

“The man’s larger feet mean he is farther away from the wall than the woman and is thus leaning forward.

“The woman’s legs are closer to the wall and are thus leaning back.”

Prof Ford said this puts women at an advantage in the challenge.

Whatever the science says… give it a try and enjoy the results.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done!