The 7 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Can Be Cold As Ice And Never Let Their Guard Down

We all have a cold side especially when someone pisses us off, we say what we have to say and then shut down and freeze that person out if what they did to upset us was bad enough.

But these 7 signs they are the coldest of them all, when they are done, they are done and they won’t even bother expressing how they feel about you. They are a bit narcissistic in this sense, they won’t let their guard down and keep everything to themselves.


You have to prove your worth to a Taurus, they will keep themselves closed up until they think you are worth knowing, They people watch and until you give them stability and respect, they are going to keep you at arm’s length. They miss nothing, but say nothing too, which can be unnerving for some people and this is what gives people the impression they are cold, and they’d be right. 


They will let you in but only so far, it is like they have the sign over their head saying ’you can look, but not touch’. You won’t see a Leo for who they really are until they accept you which isn’t going to be easy. You have to prove yourself worthy of being called a friend and until they get to know you, you are treated with suspicion.


They will cut you down with their words and not give you a second thought. If you are not good enough in their eyes there is little you can do to change that once their mind is made up. They keep their emotions locked up tight and they can see through people very easily. Upset them and you will be torn apart as they want you to know that you’ve just hit their shit list.


Scorpios are hostile at the best of times. They do not open up to people unless it suits them to. This lulls you into a false sense of security when they do, they are born manipulators and know when to strike out at you with their poisonous sting of the tail. They like to pull your secrets out of you at the ‘get to know me’ stage, this is so they have ammunition for when they decide, nope time to freeze them out.


They are self-centred people who have to have everything their way, be that in their personal life or career. They work hard but should they feel they are not being recognized for all their hard work, they think nothing of just upping and leaving as they always have new options in the bag. As for personally they really don’t care whether someone is permanent in their lives or not as the only person who counts are themselves if they don’t like you the looks could freeze you solid.


They are emotional but they are absolute assholes too. They hide their feelings well and when they are upset, they won’t even allow it to show, they get you in other ways. They may simply choose to ignore you, or they may spend time with someone they know you hate or tell you they are busy when you want to meet up, then you hear they went out with other friends and made sure you weren’t invited. Cold delivery without saying a word is their art.


Usually viewed as a bit of a sweetheart of the zodiac but don’t be fooled, they can be just as cold and ruthless as the other 6 if you upset them. They rip into you and they don’t stop until often they are told to by someone observing them in action. Once this happens, they freeze you out as to them you are not worth their time and energy and you have now ceased to exist.