The 6 Zodiac Signs That Are Unable To Let The Past Go

Are you unable to let shit go it could be all down to your zodiac sign.

We all have baggage that haunts us but for these 6 signs, in particular, letting go isn’t an option.


You are one complicated person and you do try and look to the future. The problem is that instead of facing your past problems you just bury them deep in the back of your mind and this stops you from moving on fully. You hang on to those memories and take them out of storage from time to time and think them over, then you firmly put them back as facing them is too daunting for you. You need to face them to move on and by facing them you will be able to let them go.


You are one of the most strong-willed people in the zodiac. You have attention to detail and you are very analytical in your thoughts. You over analyse everything and you replay events over and over again in your head thinking of different outcomes that would have been better. The thing is it’s over with, it’s done, so why are you torturing yourself over something that can’t be changed. Take a deep breath and move on and leave whatever you’ve been fixating on way behind you.


You do struggle with your past; you are almost obsessed with all that has gone wrong and because of this, you are now struggling to live in the present. You feel people have no understanding of the fact the past is bothering you so much and you can almost see them eye-rolling and sighing when you raise what is bothering you again, because of this you clam up rather than talk about it. They don’t understand that your past has made you insecure, but you do need to let go what can’t be changed or you will never move forward.


You are known to struggle with a victim mentality and every wrong that has ever been done to you that has not been apologised for is buried deep in your mind. You can’t understand why the people that hurt you can’t even have the decency to say sorry for what they did. It doesn’t help that when you do try and talk it over with someone you get told to ‘just get over it’. If only life was that simple. You do have a tendency to overthink everything just like Virgo which doesn’t help. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the apology you know you won’t be getting and get on with living in the present.


You hold grudges that you are prepared to take to your grave, they last for all eternity. What you fail to see is that this is hurting you as much as the hurt caused by someone upsetting you. You have 2 choices, live with it and let it eat away at you so life passes you by, or you can just accept that life is full of shitty people and leave it at that. Find something that you enjoy and spend time doing that rather than living in the past.


You are not the greatest at expressing your emotions especially at crucial times when a bit of heart on your sleeve wouldn’t do you any harm. Because of this people misunderstand you, which makes you angry and feel guilty at what you should have said but didn’t. Stop doing the constant replay over in your head, it just makes you angry and at times full of self-pity. Learn from this and next time it’s a crucial moment to express yourself, say it, so you don’t regret it.

Remember that everyone has baggage. You can learn from the past and move on if you just let yourself.