The 3 Signs According To The Zodiac Who Show The Most Empathy

Everyone needs empathy in their lives, to find someone who understands how we feel and isn’t afraid to show it. The person who when we are feeling at our lowest, sees us and comes to our aid.

According to the zodiac these 3 signs have extraordinary empathy.


Despite being stubborn in nature those born under Taurus have this amazing ability to empathize with people, they can spot someone struggling easily and are not slow in offering a helping hand.

Whether you have known them for a long time or even just met them, they see you and they want to help you as best they can. They can be relied upon in your time of need and they feel all your emotions.

They have a big heart and can be emotional so when you are in pain so are, they. They will spend hours talking through your problems, helping you to find a resolution no matter how difficult it may be. They are not easily put off and are one of the most loyal friends you could ever have.


Those born under Cancer are one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac so it is a given that they have empathy for others. They cherish you as friends and will never say hurtful things or act in a hurtful manner.

If you are down, they will feel this and absorb this from you, but they will not allow it to take over their emotions, rather they will use this connection to help you get back on your feet and resolve what has made you feel this way.

They are very protective of you and should someone act incorrectly towards you then they will soon put that person in their place as no messes with their friends or family. They are willing to make sacrifices if need be and will always have your back.


A Libra hates any kind of injustice and wants life to be fair for everyone, actually being around this type of thing makes them nervous and even agitated, and they won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

What you feel they feel, it’s that simple. They have a gentle nature and are kind to all, even those that really don’t deserve it. They are reliable and can be trusted with any secret that is eating away at you.

Whilst they really don’t like confrontations, they will be willing to fight any injustice to make it right. They will always be found standing up for those that can’t and would think nothing of standing in front of someone to protect them should the need arise. Never underestimate them because if you do, you will find yourself in the position of not only facing them but any other empathic people who may be around.