Survey Says: Pot Smoking Parents Enjoy Watching Cartoons With Their Kids

A part of being a good parents is actively engaging with your kids which usually consists of the simple things that most kids enjoy doing, Little things such as playing with toys, coloring, building stuff, and yes the dreaded kids television cartoons, Often parents find themselves asking their kids, “how many times could you possibly watch that episode?’ Well for many parents, the answer is very simple, it’s pot.

A new survey from a New York City company Miner and Co. Studio, eight out of ten parents who use marijuana admit that they will often watch cartoons and movies with their kids after smoking pot. They also stated that cannabis expands their consciousness and makes them more “engaged, present and mindful,” as this Adweek Report points out.

No parent ever wants to receive a visit from child services so many parents were too afraid to admit that they even used marijuana and it played part of their daily life. For decades now, many parents kept it a hidden secret but now with cannabis becoming decriminalized and legal in many states, more parents are admitting their long hidden secret,

With the laws changing slowly, is the stigma that parents who use cannabis are bad parents and can’t be good parents as well. Nine out of ten parents who took the survey identified themselves
“professional, active, open-minded, passionate, mindful, present, engaged and relaxed.”