Scientists Have Proved What We Have Suspected All Along, Cats Are Able To Recognise Their Names, They Just Choose To Ignore Us

I have always said that cats are the assholes of the animal kingdom and now scientists have just confirmed what I have always thought.

If you have dogs you know how thrilled they are to see you when you come home, they jump all over you, kiss you to death and adore being cuddled, stroked and playing ball, they love the simple things in life, food, walks, and attention, they respond with joy when you call them, and they damn well come when called.

Now, cats when you come home, give you that look, you know the one where it says, ‘You are home, now feed me, do not touch me’ you can see the Simon the cat meme’s in your mind where Simon is pointing his paw at his mouth.

You can call them as much as you like but if they don’t want to come to you nothing short of a miracle will make that feline do what you want. They couldn’t care less that you are calling them, you can call until you are blue in the face.

Scientists in Japan have done a study on whether cats can discriminate between different words we use to see if they do know when they are being called, or just having their name said to them when they are close by.

The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, consisted of the researchers performing a series of tests with house cats (pets) and felines from a “cat café”. They wanted to see how and if they reacted to their names and other nouns.

Scientists discovered that cats in regular households could differentiate their names and other names and nouns after studying a total of 78 cats.

The pets did show responses and they would display recognition by picking up their ears, moving their heads, twitching their tails, but at no time showed any excitement, typical cat!

The report said: “These cats discriminated their own names from general nouns even when unfamiliar persons uttered them.

“These results indicate that cats are able to discriminate their own names from other words.”

The experts said it was “reasonable” to believe cats would react to their own names as they might associate it with rewards, such as food or play, or with “punishments”, including having a bath or paying a visit to the vet.

Atsuko Saito, a cognitive biologist at Sophia University in Tokyo, said the study could be used to help improve cats’ quality of life in the future.

“For example, perhaps we can get cats to learn that dangerous objects or places are referred to by specific utterances,” he wrote.

“This work has shed new light on the ability of cats to communicate with humans; further clarifying cats’ abilities with respect to cat-human communication will potentially enhance the welfare of both humans and cats.”

It seems that no matter how many generations on cats still think they are to be worshipped as they were in Egyptian times, and everything is on their terms, must be embedded deep in their genes.

As for my opinion, nothing has changed from what I have always thought, ‘Cat are the assholes of the animal kingdom’.