Science says the more you drink the smarter you might be!!!

In recent years drinking alcohol has become the thing to do… again. For a while, people were constantly hearing how dangerous it was for your health and well-being. So much so that some people downright villainized it and abstained completely. 

But now as more and more people have begun to understand there’s a happy middle ground on this issue a new study has come out that may point out a positive thing about drinking more.

 According to scientific studies, the more alcohol you drink, the smarter you are!

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should drink excessively of course. There are serious consequences of consuming alcohol from addiction to health issues. But it is interesting to see that according to the studies, drinking is something that could indicate you have a higher intelligence level.

What The Study Shows

The study seems to show some surprising correlations between drinking and intelligence levels. This included:

Intelligent People Drink More And Earlier

According to the study, intelligent people tend to start drinking earlier than their less intelligent counterparts. Also, they tend to drink more than those with a lower level of intelligence.

Also, the data suggested that there are certain types of modern drinks that intelligent people indulge in. This included wine and distilled spirits.

Smarter People Are Often Binge Drinkers

We all know that binge drinking is not a good thing to do. However, it seems that this is something that smarter people like to do.

According to the data, those with higher intelligence levels are more likely to binge drink than less intelligent people. This can pose a danger in terms of health and is not something that should be encouraged.

Alcohol Can Make People Feel Smarter

Some people find that alcohol gives them bravado and they do stupid things while under the influence. For other people, alcohol can make them come across as being smarter than they are.

According to data, drinking alcohol helps to clear brain waste, which makes the person feel smarter and act smarter. People can come across as being more intelligent even though they may not be all that smart.

Avoiding Alzheimer’s

Most people know that Alzheimer’s is a terrible condition that can have a profound negative impact on their lives. However, it can come about as we get older, and there is little that can be done.

Some studies have suggested that people who drink alcohol have a 23 percent lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s.

Drink Sensibly

ScWhile there is nothing wrong with enjoying the odd tipple, don’t live by the suggestion that the more alcohol you drink, the smarter you are. You should always drink in moderation to protect your health and your wellbeing.