Reasons Why The Most Toxic Men May Be Drawn To You

There are women who sadly attract the wrong men.

Toxic men are damaged, but there is just something about them that draws women in.

There are a number of reasons why this happen but here are some of the possibilities.

  1. You have low self-confidence.

They see women who aren’t capable of loving themselves and they see this and that is why they make you a target and draw you into their toxic life.

Toxic men have a fear of women who have high self-esteem as they are not easily taken in by their lies so they will always target insecure women.

  1. You are too nice.

If you are someone who is always nice to people and show compassion and empathy, they will make you a target as you are unlikely to complain about their treatment of you.

You feel and believe that you can fix them but all you are really doing is enabling them to continue being an asshole.

  1. You’re too empathetic.

Often, opposites attract and this is far from as romantic as it sounds it’s a twisted kind of love that leaves a lot of damage.

A woman who displays empathy is a prime target as they will listen to him and all his woes and they will feel sorry for them which is exactly what they want.

What they have said is a complete pack of lies and they deserve an Oscar for their performance.

  1. You’re known to be a fixer.

You believe that love can cure all it will move mountains and change any man for the better and cure all his problems. You think showing love will make a positive impact on him, the reality is there is it won’t.

Damaged people can’t be fixed unless they want to be fixed and that needs to be done by a professional, not a girlfriend.

  1. You are disappointed in love.

You are still recovering from a broken heart and that makes you an easy target for a man who is toxic. You are vulnerable and you fall for all their charms and lies.

They can literally smell out women who are in this position and they are extremely cunning in executing their plans to pull you into their world.

  1. You fail to set boundaries.

If you have no boundaries then they will walk all over you. Most of us don’t really need boundaries unless we have found ourselves in a position where we have had to put walls up and they will do all they can to tear those boundaries down. Once down you are vulnerable to everything, they want to take from you.

  1. They see you as their hope of change.

Ironically some toxic men are attracted to some women as they believe they will change them into what they wish they could be. This isn’t to be mistaken for self-improvement, they are just using you to project your good traits onto themselves and fool people into thinking they have changed.

Toxic men are bad news so avoid them at all costs.