Quit Playing Games! Real Women Want A Man Who Will Be There

Playing hard to get doesn’t work in adulthood. Playing hard to get is now considered very childish and almost nonsense. It shows that you have a mindset of a 10-year-old. Some men, surprisingly, still believe in this myth. They believe that they can act cool in front of a girl and leave her wanting more, in hopes that the girl will chase after him and beg him for love and attention like a lost puppy.

This maneuver rarely works today. Experienced and mature women don’t run after such attention seeking men and often feel that they are better off without them. Although sometimes, some immature and desperate girls do fall for this tactic, most women tend to see through these kinds of men. Women hate game players and manipulators. If they have been through something similar before, where they made a mistake of being with the guy who wasn’t right for them, they’ll never fall for it again.

Women are attracted to men that make an effort to stay in their lives. They love ambitious, hard-working men, who have a similar mature mindset as themselves. If a guy is sincere and wants to stay in her life, then he will make the effort and try to take things further. So, of course, a mature woman implies this move and appreciates it.

She loves honest and straight forward men, not the men who play hard to get. She knows that game players aren’t serious, and they will not stay no matter how hard she tries. A grown woman, being wise, walks away from the attention seeker because she knows the men who think that hearts are a thing to be played with are worst kind of men out there. A wise woman will run away from the man who plays hard to get and will never turn back to look for a second.

These men fail to realize that women actually seek love and attention and when she is given that, she returns the love twice or even thrice as back. Women love men who make time for them. The men who try to lure girls toward them by looking “cool” and ignoring them are the last kind of men women seek for themselves. They deem this attitude as immature behavior and they tend to stay away from these situations as much as possible.

Another misconception that a lot of men have is that they feel it’s wise not to show their emotions in front of women because it can make them seem weak. That’s not true. Women actually prefer men who are their true selves and who are not afraid to show their weaknesses to women. Women find this more attractive and it leads to an ultimately healthier relationship between the two individuals because they have their guards down and there is no pretending whatsoever.

A mature woman would rather exit the relationship than to feel like she’s being dragged around. Women want to know the reason for the dispute and they want to solve it with communication, so they can find a way out of the problem. Non-communicative and close-minded men are exhausting to be around, and a woman would rather not deal with the mental baggage.

So, the bottom line is that the men who play hard to get in front of women nowadays are most likely to be left on their own. Real women don’t want to deal with childish tantrums from little boys. It may work on some girls, but real women want men who go out and get what they want. They find it more attractive and appealing. The golden rule for keeping a relationship healthy and long-lasting is giving equal love, attention and time. Acting “cool” by ignoring a girl is benefitting her and you are just showing her how to move on and what not to look for in a man.