Popcorn Or Fries Is A Question Being Posed As An Update To The Snacks Movie Theatres Offer

Back in April of this year, the 9GAG Trending App posed the question of whether movie theatres should now be offering us fries alongside the more traditional popcorn.

There was quite a response with some interesting comments;


i think they would be cold soon and they are quite ‘filling’ so you wouldn’t eat very much of them but you can always sneak some if u want I guess.


They make SOOOOOO much money selling popcorn it’s like 5x profit or some sh*t at their prices.


Sounds like obesity to me


Bro, profit margins speak. Potatoes are way more expensive than corn



No cuz fries are too hot do the old “dickhole-in-the-bottom-and-offer-a-girl-some-popcorn”-routine. Nobody wants to burn their dicks.


There is even a change.org petition which has been started by someone called Josh Brown which so far has 20 people signed up. You can find the petition here if you want to make your voice heard.

Josh Brown’s petition states;

Personally, it’s a travesty that we are served just plain cliché popcorn instead of the delicious greasy potato sticks that we deserve, our local Fridley theatre at the mall in Marshalltown. Should definitely provide us with massive buckets of julienned spuds instead of plain ol’ buttered popcorn. It’s time for a change and we deserve this for being loyal patrons of their establishment. I know how much we all love McDonald’s fries and if you don’t Wendy’s curly fries are ok too. And if you don’t like either then stop reading this because that means you can’t taste anything delicious. As a community, we need to come together and get giant buckets of from as an option for our movie nights with friends and date nights with our significant other. Please sign our petition and let them know we need to make the theatre a much more potato friendly place than what it is. Let’s let the theatre know we support them and that we need French Fries!

Gotta love his passion for what he believes in, you go Joshy!

But, let’s get down to basics with popcorn, it has that smell that makes your mouth start watering, you can go either buttery or salty and everyone automatically associates popcorn with a movie whether it’s at a movie theatre or at home, and let’s face it very few people can turn down popcorn.

Movie theatres have served popcorn from day one, they knew even then it was a quick profit snack, it is estimated under the current climate that 85% of concession sales 46% can be firmly credited to popcorn, that’s a staggering profit so would this be matched if they offered fires?

There is a growing trend of people asking why can’t we have fries!

The problem with fries they say is they go cold too quick, umm no quicker than popcorn, the only difference is popcorn is okay to eat when cold but fries… not so great although I must admit I’ve had them cold for breakfast after a night out on the tiles and passed out before eating my post-drinking binge food.

Whether you are pro fries or pro popcorn it seems pretty clear that popcorn is here to stay and it looks like fries can be demanded but highly unlikely to become an option.