Once I Walk Away, I Am Never Coming Back

I am the type of person that takes attachments very seriously. I have a hard exterior to show but a soft core within. I love selflessly and passionately. Breakups and ending ties with the people I once cared for takes a toll on me. I try my best to understand the different aspects of every situation I go through. I try my best to put myself in other’s shoes before passing a rude judgment against their actions and mistakes. This is why I freely give out second and often a third chance to peoples wrong doings against me.

That’s when I suffer the most at the hands of my kindness. I don’t give up on people easily, especially the ones I hold dearest to my heart. In relationships, I don’t throw away something if it’s broken. I mend things accordingly especially if the person on the other end reciprocates my feelings for them. The point is, if I have decided to burn all my bridges that once led to you, then you probably have done something so deceiving, so unforgettable and hurting that I have chosen to walk away from you. Otherwise, I would have channeled my best efforts towards mending our relationship.

I would have sorted out our differences. I would have given us a chance, for the sake of old memories and the good times we cherished. That’s why you must know, If I decide to walk away from you, then consider our time has ended. I might seem like a compassionate human being with a heart of gold but I have set limits to protect my heart. I have built boundaries around myself to safeguard my sanity.

So never stop me from protecting my fragile heart and soul, don’t make this difficult for me to endure, don’t force me to stick around especially when you were the one responsible for all this. It’s hard for me too. I wanted to stay. I never intended to say our goodbyes like this. But you didn’t leave any other choice for me.

You knew that I would sacrifice anything for the ones I loved. You knew the value you once had in my life but I will never compromise my sanity and peace of mind for anyone. Just because I have the guts to give out second chances to everyone doesn’t mean that you can rub those promises underneath your feet and get away with it. I am a living piece of flesh and I deserve every ounce of love and support in my relationships. I demand to be respected, I deserve a devoted and trustworthy partner who celebrates me just like I do.

I don’t deserve a one-sided affair where I give all my efforts to someone and they instead of reciprocating it, chose to walk all over me. That’s not what you do to someone you love. Ending each and every contact with you and vowing to never see you again is not something that comes naturally to me. It’s the hardest step for me. But once I get the notion that I am appreciated by you, that you don’t value my presence in your life, that you don’t respect my efforts and the love that I put towards maintaining the relationship then I’m afraid to say that you are not welcome to stay in my life any longer.

I am sorry but I am selective in investing my emotions, Instead of celebrating my companionship, if you decide to walk all over me, inflict suffering and pain over me, break my heart in the process then I am brave enough to let you go forever. I realize my worth and won’t let anyone treat me like a second choice. Once I walk away, I am never coming back.