No, We Are Not Sisters By Blood, We Are Sisters By Heart

They say you never really have more than one at a stretch two true friends at the same point in your life. We all have friends that we can rely on but only special friends are the ones that impact us the most.

There is just this special kind of magic that makes you click and those around you can’t work out what that magic is, but they sure wish they had it.

Often that magical friendship comes out of nowhere, without invitation and some even believe destiny has played her part.

For some of us that special friend arrives when we are in elementary school and we grow together, for others the childhood friends fade away and as we hit adulthood new friends arrives that makes everything just right.

A true friend is your rock, your person and you are theirs and together you seem a formidable pair. They make life a little bit easier and you instinctively know what each other is thinking and feeling.

They go that extra mile with you, they see you through good and bad times, they are your maid of honor when you get married, they are your children’s godmother and you simply can’t imagine life without them in it.

You are sisters not by blood, you are sisters by heart and soul and because you choose to be that way.

There is a bond like no other and they are quite simply put ‘irreplaceable’.

Even as adults you get up to some wild and crazy things and people around you often find themselves smiling at your antics with almost an envy that they would rather not admit.

You would die for each other, you will kill those that hurt the other and as the meme so often says ‘hide the bodies with you, but we can’t stop being friends as I know where all the bodies are.’

You do fight and wow are those fights legendary, but you always work it out, as you know deep down the fights were out of love when one of you was on a slippery slope to disaster.

You love each other unconditionally, you are soul mates, and that is rare to have in a friendship.

You support each other in so many ways it is just second nature, neither has to ask it just happens, you both just silently show how much you care.

Even distance doesn’t stop this friendship as each of you go through life that changes perhaps due to moving away with your family or career paths take you on different routes. When you do get time together it is like you have never been apart you simply pick up where you left off as if months or even years haven’t passed you were both simply in the next room, not countries apart.

We all need friends in our lives but having a friend who is a heart sister is the best one to have out of them all.