Narcissists Have Dark Souls That Need Feeding Constantly

Narcissists need a never-ending supply of admiration and victims and that is why they are always on the lookout for potential targets, the more important the person is the greater the achievement in their mind.

They work to a pattern of behavior, they pull their victim into their fantasy world and along with their victim they pull in their victims’ family and friends. As the more victims, they have the better as far as they are concerned.

The admiration feeds them, and like a never-ending cycle of need they continue pulling more and more people into their fantasy world and they really don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

The narcissists are really someone who has low self-esteem, but to the outside world, they appear confident, strong, assertive people. They have huge egos that are fragile so to keep their façade up they need to feed off of people who have strong characters.

They literally mirror themselves on the life of their latest victim, to the outside world it appears the victim is mirroring the narcissist, the reality is it is the other way around.

They don’t just target strong people as they are extra hard work for the narcissist, so for quick fix feeds they pull into their fantasy world people that are much weaker than them.

They target people who have gone through a traumatic experience or have lost a loved one so are at a vulnerable point in their life.

The victim perceives the narcissist as supporting them through a tough time, when sadly they are not, the narcissist will give what appears to be love and support, but then remove it with no warning leaving the victim in a worse place than before.

The narcissist will make their victim feel guilty that they have done something wrong, this is what feeds them and they enjoy the pain it causes.

Once a victim has no more to offer, they simply walk away and don’t look back!

The narcissists absolutely hate people that are popular and well-loved, people with morals and integrity are the ultimate target. The purpose for this is to mirror image them so that the narcissist appears that way, then they will discredit the very person they are mirror imaging.

The narcissist picks their targets with care, trust me there is plenty of watching, reviewing and planning before they even make contact in some cases.

Once they have their target then the love-bombing begins, this is all part of their game plan, they have to convince/prove to their victim that they love them, that they are the narcissists whole world, it is literally like a full-time job for the narcissist, they make a career of this and once the victim has fallen in love with them, they then slowly and painfully begin the next part of their game plan of then removing the ‘love’.

They will begin to break their victim down, take away their confidence, strip them of their self-esteem until they eventually cease to even recognise themselves, looking in the mirror is like looking at a stranger.

If their victim is a self-sufficient, independent, happy individual they absolutely love them for what they can provide them with and to them, they are low maintenance as they don’t need anything from them.

They hate that their victim has a life they couldn’t possibly have, so they have to take it from them, they really are parasites of the most insidious kind.

Should someone be a quiet individual they tend not to be interested unless of course, that individual has something they want, they use these types of people up quickly and move on, but not before causing mental anguish and pain.

The narcissist will always be on the lookout for empathic people as to them they are the ultimate prize. They know that people look up to and respect people that can put themselves in another’s shoes and empaths are well known for their compassion and loving nature, something a narcissist could never be, so they have to absorb that behavior and mirror image it.

They also know forgiveness in is an empaths nature so they know they will be repeatedly forgiven until the time an empath say enough is enough or the narcissist decides to move on.

It is always ideal to have boundaries in your life even if you have had no cause to have them before, make it a practice as then it may help you should you one day become a target of a narcissist.