Myths That Wives Tell Themselves About The Other Woman.

One of the world’s most disturbing and hurtful moments is when you find out your husband’s been cheating on you. You feel as if you’ve been living a lie this entire time and you don’t know what to believe in anymore. You feel like the dumbest person, you connect the dots and realize you’ve been ignoring all the red flags. You start comparing yourself to women all around you. You start feeling that they’re all better than you or you ask yourself what’s missing in you. Have your moment, but this is the point where you need to clear your mind and get to know the other woman better.

She must be amazing, right?

The truth is there are women out there with all sorts of thoughts and goals in their mind and they might be after your man. Even if he’s married. They might not even care if he has kids of his own. These women are the epitome of selfishness and don’t even realize what sort of crime they’re committing.
Truthfully and personally, I can’t believe what sort of woman would even think about hitting someone else’s man, especially when they know the man is involved somewhere else. I can only categorize this act as pure evil.

But you – you need to realize that this doesn’t mean that you’re the reason why your man left and it doesn’t mean you weren’t enough. You also need to thank the universe that you’re nothing like that other woman. You might be the girl who’s been cheated on, but at least you’re not the girl that stole another woman’s man. You know your morals. This other woman can’t make any excuses because she’s not a child stealing toys or whatever, but she is, in fact, contributing to the downfall of a relationship between a husband and a wife – willingly.

If this all would’ve been happening to her, she would feel just as broken and alone. A woman who knowingly steps out with another woman’s husband has no regard for other women and is borderline narcissistic. Her actions should speak volumes about who she really is.

He is in love with her

Don’t just believe he doesn’t love you anymore and has moved on. He can be under her strong influence. It can be very similar to your man getting addicted to drugs – drugs that aren’t letting your man think clearly. His attraction towards her doesn’t mean he’s in love with her, it’s how she’s made him dependent on her and that he truly doesn’t know what he wants in life. Someday he will see flaws he’s been ignoring all along, and he will regret what he’s done.

She is more compatible and must have something special to offer.

It’s common that people get bored from their basic routine of life and in that moment your husband decides to cheat. This is common when a couple goes from being lovers to some people parenting kids. The other woman might exactly be like you, but she’s fulfilling what’s been missing in your relationship for a while – something that you did in the beginning days of your relationship. What man doesn’t like being admired? It’s not the woman that he really wants, but how she makes him feel. It’s still no excuse for your man to go elsewhere, he should try to fix home.

They are soulmates (so she says).

You’re his wife – never forget that and according to many statistics, most men never leave their wives for a short-term affair. Stop beating yourself up believing her when she says they’re the real “soulmates” because it’s all her fantasy. Anything that starts off with hidden agendas is bound to fade. If your man cheats, and you give him another chance, but he can’t pick between you and his new fling, let her have him!

She thinks she is better than you.

Remember, when she says that, it’s out of pure jealousy and insecurity. She’s trying to own your husband – a person you share history, moments and probably children with too. That’s an unshakable bond. She’s insecure because she knows if he really loved her instead of you, he would’ve left you by now. She has an idea that she’s the temporary one and she can’t help but hate you for it.

I know you’re probably falling apart but keep your ground. Stay calm and civilized because you’re the stronger and well-mannered one. The right way to win your husband back (if you still want him) is showing him that you’re right for him, don’t push yourself to prove that the other woman is the wrong choice.