Meathead Movers Still Supporting Victims Of Domestic Abuse Move Home At No Cost For Over 20 Years

Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship knows getting out is far from easy and it isn’t just the getting up and leaving part, it’s the planning, finding somewhere to live and then the moving part which has to be done when the partner is out of the way to avoid any further abuse or potentially the prevention of being able to leave.

Aaron and Evan Steed have helped thousands of women escape by coming to their rescue and moving them free of charge.

Meathead Movers started in 1997 in California, when they were still in high school as a way to earn some extra cash, back then the fee was usually $20 and a pizza.

As their business grew, they would at times receive frantic phone calls asking for help from women with little to no money to move them before their abuser came home. They would rush around to the home, quickly move the women and always declined to be paid.

Just such a situation turned volatile one day back in 2000 when the abuser came home in the middle of the move, so the company decided to partner up with a local woman’s shelter to ensure the safety of the women they were moving and the moving crew.

“What was good about that is, they could be vetting the requests for help, supporting the women with counseling, and making sure when we went in, the proper restraining orders were in place, or police were on hand if necessary,” Meathead’s CEO Aaron Steed has said.

Beth Raub, director of the local women’s shelter, said that one of their staff is always on-site the day of the move so they can “call law enforcement if things get dicey.”

Since those days in 2000, the company has expanded into Santa Barbara, Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties.

Each time they opened a new office, within days they connect with the local women’s shelter in the area.

“It’s the special service we like to offer,” Aaron said. “These moves became very personal to us, made all the employees so proud, and became part of our mission statement.” He also said the same services are offered to any victim of domestic violence–male or female.

The company also launched a campaign where they ask other businesses to help victims of domestic violence, called #MoveToEndDV, the Meathead Movers hope to inspire others to rethink how they can work with shelters, or help women as they try to rebuild their lives and move into their first home or apartment.

“Some of our ideas are for businesses to offer free security systems, a dog kennel service, or for an auto-mechanic to provide oil changes,” Aaron said. “All those little things would help defer costs of starting over.”

So far businesses have offered free haircuts, counseling and a realtor offering rental searches.   “Were so excited about it,” said Aaron. “It brings so much more purpose and passion to our lives and if we can be an example for others, that is so much better.”

Incredible and inspirational are words that come to mind. You can find out more information on their website.

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