Male love robots could replace men for GOOD

Love dolls are nothing new, they have been around for a while now. However, now there is a male doll that is actually a robot. It can engage in conversations and interact with you. Not just lay there. It acts like a real man in all of the ways some women say they are missing.

There are now several companies making these love robots including “Real Doll”. These robots are so user friendly they leave very little to worry about. For instance, the battery recharges should become a thing of the past.

They are calling this erotic piece of technology the “Ultimate Pleasure Experience.” The name vividly describes what the doll will be all about. Considering how advance this doll will be, some say it will make you have no further use for biological males.

Various personalities, traits, qualities, and characteristics will be designed into these dolls so that they can better please the needs of many women all over the world. Essentially, the robot will act just like a regular boyfriend would. But maybe even better!

Some upsides to using these dolls include the fact that women feel like they can be lower maintenance. They don’t have to put in as much effort into making themselves conform to their real-life partner. It simplifies the whole idea of a relationship by giving you all the perks without having to deal with the hard compromises and downsides.

This may sound unbelievable to you. It seems shocking at first for sure. But once you learn more about this technology and how it can be used in the future it may not seem so wild!

So, ladies, the love life you have always wanted is finally here. The creators of this doll were driven by the need to create a product that would outperform real-life males and make women choose them as lovers over blood-and-flesh males. They can give you everything you’ve felt you’ve been lacking

To the gentleman out there not putting enough effort into this aspect of their relationships, now is the time to take heed. Step up your game now before this robotic lover steps in and kicks you to the curb.

With a name like the “Ultimate Pleasure Experience”, this robot is designed to render real-life males obsolete. That is great news for the women, and not so much for the men.

In fact, the makers of these products see them becoming boyfriends to these women, not just erotic companions.

But more importantly, regular sex dolls have no chance against this high tech alternative. After all, it can be hard for a passive doll to stand up to a robot that has a personality and the intelligence to understand the needs of its human lover. One that can meet the most intimate needs of a woman far beyond sex.